Happy Friday, folks.  Yesterday my friend Jen posted these ten questions, and I thought it might be fun to answer them in the blog today for a fun Friday activity.  Thanks Jen!

1. What’s your favorite exercise of all time?
In general — any kind of circuit or high intensity interval training.  Love, love, love.  Specific exercise?  PLANKS for sure!

2. What is your favorite beauty product?
Ha, I don’t really do beauty products.  I don’t even have one favorite that comes to mind?  I guess my face makeup and my eyeliner I couldn’t really live without.

3. What is your favorite feature (on yourself)?
My stomach, because I’ve worked hard to get it to where I’m happy with it!

4. What is your current favorite jam (meaning a song, not something you spread on toast)?
Current favorite jam is still Foster the People’s “Call It What You Want” but that does NOT replace “Rock the Casbah” as my all time favorite song.

5. What is your least favorite exercise (Like, if you’re taking a class and the instructor announces it, and you curse either out loud or under your breath)?
Burpees!  Yet I make my classes do them anyways. 

6. What is your favorite breakfast (that has ‘staying’ power)?
For staying power, I love banana cinnamon protein pancakes!  Or a big bowl of oatmeal.

7.  Have you ever taken a boot camp (If so, what did you love/hate about it)?
I have never taken one, but I taught a bunch!  I loved how much variety I could incorporate into just one class.  And I’m pretty sure my class HATED when I would make them run up the big hilly street next to the Y.  (Y folks, please start mentally preparing for outdoor class…!)

8. What is your favorite sweet treat?
Any peanut butter and chocolate combo, yum!

9. Do you eat different meals than your sig. other to stay on the healthy track?
We try to eat healthy together!  Tim definitely does not eat as healthy when we go out to eat, but for the most part our at home meals are consistent with each others.  Which is a good thing, because that’s very important to me.

10. Make up your own question and answer it.
My made up question is:  What are 5 blog posts you read this week that stood out to you?

Just so I can pass along some fun reading material to you guys!  Check out:

  1. From Breakfast To Dessert:  10 Healthy Mother’s Day Recipes by Chocolate Covered Katie
  2. Margarita Cupcakes by Dresses & Desserts
  3. Ten Ways to Lunge by Fitnessista
  4. Eat Healthy While Traveling with these 6 Simple Tips by Around the Plate
  5. Magnetic Meal Planning by iHeart Organizing

Fellow bloggers, feel free to play along!  Readers, maybe pick one question (or as many as you want!) and answer it in the comments??  Or just leave any kind of comment you want on any of my answers! 

Have a fun Friday, all 🙂