Doing something a little different and fun on the blog today. Enjoy!

Ten Things I Learned in Aruba 

1. I really like ceviche and plantains. Like… really, really like.

Aruba Honeymoon: Ceviche and Plantains

2. Appetizers are best served in trio form.

Aruba Honeymoon: Calamari Three WaysCalamari three ways ^

Aruba Honeymoon: Tuna Three WaysTuna three ways ^

3. Being hangry is possible even on the happiest of islands. Tim still loves me. Phew.

Aruba Honeymoon: OranjestadPost hanger meltdown! ^

4. Off roading in the desert is a great way to determine potential marriage success. We are going to make it. See also: #3.

Aruba Honeymoon: UTV Tour

5. It is actually possible for my husband to get a tan.

Aruba Honeymoon: Sunscreen#IsThisRealLife

6. The scariest part of rope swinging is stepping out to the ledge to grab the rope swing.

Aruba Honeymoon: Rope Swinging#HateOpenEdges

7. In Aruba, there is no such thing as a good hair day. I learned that within five minutes.

Aruba Honeymoon: Gold Mine Ruins

8. Calling somebody a dushi is not an insult. It means sweetheart!

Aruba Honeymoon: Papiamento Lesson

9. Riesling actually doesn’t suck! I guess when you’re thirty and not drinking the cheapest bottle possible, it makes a difference. Trina, take note.

Aruba Honeymoon: Riesling at Carte Blanche

10. Tim will always, ALWAYS find a way to Timstigate befriend the rowdiest group of people within a five mile radius.

Aruba Honeymoon: Tim and New Friends#Romantic

Readers, let’s chat! Comment on one of the ten things. 

Off to work and then NBGNO tonight! Hope to see some familiar faces there.