Just here with some quick thoughts from the week so far.

1.  I have officially been the new Group Ex Coordinator at the Y for a whopping 9 days.  What I’ve learned so far is that I regret all the times I made a stink to our former Group Ex Coordinator.

2.  Squats on the bosu ball?  Really hard.  Squats on the bosu ball while instructing a class?  Impossible.  I can’t yell words of torture encouragement and do that ish at the same time!

3.  Our apartment got struck by lightning on Tuesday.  Wtf?

4.  The crock pot chicken I made on Tuesday pairs really nicely with my Greek style green beans for a quick throw together dinner.

5.  My first blogger event that I was really excited for at the beginning of the week was supposed to be tonight, and it got cancelled!  At least they are going to reschedule.  I was pretending to be important for one hot minute.  That was short-lived.

6.  I did Best Body Bootcamp Workout 4 this morning.  It was another awesome superset combo, and I adapted it once again to teach in my Circuit Training class.  This time the workout focused on both upper and lower body for a full total body workout.  Call me crazy, but before I taught my 6am class today, I did 20 minutes of steady cardio.  Yes folks I was at the gym at 5:30 this morning!

7.  I am moving in exactly one month from today.  I should probably start thinking about packing my things.  One of my roommates started taking down some of our decorations yesterday and I got super sad about it.  Our apartment already is starting to look empty.

8.  Do you guys ever say or stare at a word too much?  Like for so long that it starts to look funny?  How about the word “napkin?”  Or “conundrum.”  I dunno, I’m weird.

9.  I totally forgot it was Thursday until I looked at the title of this blog post.  Is it the weekend yet?  Anyone have any good plans?

10.  Still laughing about being too sexy for my cat.

That’s all I have for now, people!  Your turn to tell me something.  Anything?