Happy Halloween!

Popping in this morning to share this fun list with you. Here are ten ways you can get in the Halloween spirit today, even if you aren’t a big Halloween person.

Ten Ways to Get in the Halloween Spirit

1. Carve a pumpkin. So fun! Fun fact: The pictures below are from very early on in my relationship with Tim. That’s his old gross apartment in Cleveland Circle. Weird!

Pumpkin carving

2. Do a Halloween themed workout. Here’s the spooky stations one I put together for my Thursday 6am class the other day.

Spooky Stations Halloween Workout

You could do the stations on your own, but you could also take any of these and do timed circuits with the three moves in each equipment section, depending on what equipment you have available to you at home! For past Halloween F&F workouts, check out my spooky sets workout and my 30 minute butts and guts workout.

3. Put together a fun Halloween playlist. Here’s what I’ve been listening (and working out) to this week:

Halloween Workout Playlist

4. Browse through pictures of old Halloween costumes. Trust me, it can be quite horrifying.

Couple's Halloween Costumes: Nerds

5. Grab a six pack of your favorite pumpkin beers. We like to go to the Craft Beer Cellar because they let you mix and match. This way we get to leave with a nice variety and can try new beers without having to buy a whole pack of them in case we don’t like it. This year I have really been enjoying UFO pumpkins!

harvest fest

6. Watch your favorite Halloween movie. I love It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. But Hocus Pocus will always be amazing.

7. Run a Halloween 5k race. That’s where we are off to in just a few! Except we are lame and don’t have costumes to run in. I’m going as a wellness coordinator.

8. Host friends for a Halloween dinner. Make a festive appetizer, and put together a fall inspired menu. If staying in, try making these stuffed jack o’peppers!

Pumpkin Guacamole Appetizer

9. Do something festive with your kids. I’m not a parent, but I bet having them decorate pumpkintines would be fun!


10. Enjoy your favorite candy. I gave this little speech at the end of class the other day, but I am just so sick of seeing all those graphics floating around showing that 10 pieces of candy corn equal a certain number of jumping jacks or that you have to do three million burpees to burn off your Kit Kat bar. I also hear far too many fitness instructors trying to inspire their classes by saying “let’s do this for the candy!” or “we have a lot of weekend fun to burn off today.” I used to be guilty of this, but NO. You should never workout just to enjoy a piece of candy. You should workout because you want to workout. Because it makes you feel strong, and it’s healthy, and movement is awesome. You should eat a piece of candy if you want to eat a piece of candy. Do both in moderation, but not because of one another. Separate the two please.

That said, I’m off to run the Blue Hills Brewery 5k because it will be fun and my legs are strong to help me finish and my work friends are doing it too and there is beer at the end of the race! And later tonight, if I feel like it, I will enjoy some peanut butter cups. Because they’re my favorite. Not because I earned them.

Readers, let’s chat! How do you like to get in the Halloween spirit? Have you done any themed workouts this week? What is your favorite Halloween candy? 

Have fun today, guys! Stay safe!