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Because you grabbed this handbook, I know how important ENJOYING this holiday season is for you.

You don’t want to just run from one engagement to the next and feel like you are going through the motions.

You don’t want to socialize by obligation rather than by choice and feel like you completely resent your December calendar.

You don’t want to miss too many workouts or feel like you’re going overboard with the cookies and eggnog!

Really, you don’t want to start 2019 feeling completely drained and resentful, with a holiday hangover!

The strategies in the Legit Fit Holiday Handbook will be a great starting place for you, but I want to give you the chance to take the strategies in the handbook a step further.

This is where the Beat the Holiday Hustle Challenge comes in!

During the challenge, I will be expanding on the information in the handbook and coaching you every step of the way, in a supportive and encouraging community to keep you on track.

And if you’re super savvy and join right now, you’ll get in for the amazing 1-time, never to be seen again price of only $19.99 (regularly $39.99!). 

Yep, that’s less than $20 to become a part of a supportive and encouraging group of like-minded women who are committing to self care, slowing down, and keeping fitness and nutrition a priority this holiday season instead of stressing about food, skipping workouts, and forgetting the real reason for the season!

Your only opportunity to get this special offer is right here, right now.

Yes! I want to join the Beat the Holiday Hustle Challenge for only $19.99!Join now for 50% off!

The goal is to keep your health as simple as possible during this often chaotic and emotionally charged time of year. Instead of falling off the wagon and feeling like you need to start all over on January 1st, you’ll keep your physique in check and maintain instead of gain.

We’ll kick off on Saturday, December 1st and run for the full month of December straight through the 31st. That’s a full month of accountability, motivation, community support, and the coaching necessary to help you actually stick with it.

When you join Beat the Holiday Hustle, you learn:

  • How to manage your energy and get SUPER smart with your time… so that carving out space for you doesn’t feel like something else on your already very busy plate, but instead can help you fill your cup.
  • How to navigate food – and those food pushers and judgers!at aaallll those parties without an all or nothing approach… so that you can enjoy your favorite treats guilt-free and without going overboard.
  • How to let go of unrealistic expectations… so you can focus more on being present and grateful and less on the things that might not go as planned.
  • How to handle and process your emotions – yes, even the not so happy ones – in a world that says this is the most wonderful time of the year… so you can give yourself some self-compassion and have some coping strategies if you’re going through a tough season or a challenging time.

When you join Beat the Holiday Hustle, you get:

  • A December workout calendar with 20-minute or less minimal equipment workouts… so that you have 1 less thing to think about and so that you can nip all your “I don’t have time to workout” excuses in the bud
  • Access to a shared recipe library…. so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time checking everything else off your list. You’ll get ideas for minimal prep meals for busy weeks, on the go snack ideas for travel and holiday shopping, and nutritious – but still crowd-pleasing – party dish ideas.
  • Access to Athena in a private Facebook group for a month of personalized coaching… you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, troubleshoot dips in motivation, and talk out nutrition challenges, social events, and  as they come up!
  • LIVE holiday nutrition and stress less trainings… to give you all the tools you’ll need to navigate all those holiday parties with ease… while you’re there as well as how to best prepare ahead of time to keep your stress levels at bay.
  • Daily Facebook posts from Athena… to help you stay motivated, accountable, and still keep wellness at the forefront of your mind.
  • A community of like-minded people cheering you on… so that you don’t have to do it alone!

Your only opportunity to get this special offer is right here, right now.

Yes! I want to join the Beat the Holiday Hustle Challenge for only $19.99!Join now for 50% off!

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