I have a fun new workout to share with you guys today.


Actually, if you came to class last night at the Y it’s not so new at all since the workout is what I taught in my Interval Training class.  When I was planning class yesterday morning, I opted for a 10-12-15 class format.  Hence the name, the 10-12-15 workout.  Each mini circuit in this workout consisted of three moves: one that focused more on upper body, one on lower body, and one on core.  I also threw a couple of compound exercises in there for good measure.  For each round we did 10 reps of the first exercise, 12 of the second, and 15 of the third.

The 10-12-15 workout

Because of time we only went through each circuit twice in class last night, but if I were doing this by myself, I likely would have done three rounds of each.  In between each round I threw in two minutes of cardio.  I didn’t plan this part out ahead of time and pretty much just yelled out random cardio exercises to do – jumping jacks, power jacks, fast feet, lateral shuffles, jump rope, single leg hops, mountain climbers, high knees, burpees, etc.  You name it, we did it!


Here are links to the exercises if you are unsure what any of them mean:

Happy training!

Group exercise goers, what is your favorite strength class format? Supersets, circuits, drop sets, timed circuits?  I want to know!

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