Hello, hello! Just dropping in with a quick workout for you guys today.

High Intensity Blast: 10 Reps 20 Seconds

I taught this workout when subbing for Kim’s Interval Training class last Wednesday. It’s definitely a shoulder burner after all those mountain climbers, don’t you think? All you need is one dumbbell and maybe a mat for this one.

The pattern is 10 reps of the strength move followed by 20 seconds of the corresponding cardio blast. Repeat that four times for the same pair before moving on to the next two moves in the workout. Because we took little to no rest in between sets, this workout took about thirty minutes to complete. If you take longer rest periods it would likely take more time than that, but we just finished our 45 minute time slot with 15 minutes of glute and ab work at the end.

If there are any questions about this, let me know. As always, I’m more than willing to explain any moves you may be unsure about.

Happy sweating!

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Where do you get excited to feel sore after a workout?

I love feeling it in my arms and abs!