Let me tell you, I had a really hard time deciding on a title for this post.  I don’t think I’m satisfied either.

You might recall my treadmill sweat sesh from Monday afternoon.

Well, after my 50 minutes of cardio were up I headed downstairs to do some abs and stretch.  My legs already felt tight.  And by the way, I’m holy freakin’ SORE after Monday’s treadmill workout and last night’s double teaching stint.  Today might just have to be my off day.

Anyways, I got a mat and set myself up in the little corner of the Annex with that awkward bench/table thing.  Y folks, you know what I’m talking about.  And there really isn’t adequate space right there to do much besides stretch, store some equipment, maybe hang your coat?

Apparently I was lookin’ like a nasty beast fiiiiiine because as I was doin’ my thang, I watched this boy come into the Annex from the weight room, look around, go back into the weight room to grab one ginormous dumbbell, and then come back to the Annex.

And walk over to me.

And set himself up IN MY SPACE by the awk table/bench/what the HECK is that thing called?

Strike 1 – get outta my space.  Huge pet peeve of mine, dumbbell boy.

Now that I think about it, strike 1 is that I have a boyfriend.  Hi, Tim!  🙂

Forget the strikes.  The whole thing was a strike.  Did this guy think I cared how flippin’ fast he was single arm rowing?  I felt like telling him he wasn’t really working his muscles skinny arm by flying through those reps.

Then as I was bringing myself to standing, “rolling through my spine one vertebrae at a time,” he said “Wow, you’re leaving and I’m just getting here.”

Really, dude?

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

I felt like saying it seemed like he’d been there all day after the heart pumping workout I was witnessing.  But instead, I just said “Yeah, I’ve been here for over an hour.  I’m definitely leaving.”

He didn’t say much else, just switched arms.

So I grabbed my bag, looked back and told him to enjoy the rest of his arm workout, then walked away.

But not before I tripped over my mat, did a little stumble forward, and pretended like nothing ever happened.

That boy is TOTALLY still thinking about me.  Totes McGotes.

When was the last time you almost fell but played it cool like me?

Enjoy the day!