Time for another glimpse into my awkward life.

Let’s rewind a year.

I’m at a concert with four of my girlfriends.

Please make note of my attire.  The leopard shirt is a very important piece of this story.

The concert isn’t really the main point of this story, so just take away that at said concert there was lots of dancing, lots of beers, and lots of fun.  After the concert, we decided to head to a bar down the street to continue our night.  Katrina, Bridget, and I were the first three to get into the bar.  We found a good spot, settled in, and all was well.

…until the bouncer approached me and said “Ma’am, you are going to have to leave.”

Um, what?!  WHY!?

“We don’t sell that beer here.  C’mon, you need to go.  Now.”

Apparently I was still holding my Bud Light (the ones in the blue bottles) from the concert.  I had brought a beer INTO the bar from another venue.  Smooth move, Athena.  Now, I’m really not one for rule breaking or confrontation, so I tried apologizing and saying that I didn’t even realize I was holding it still.  I even held it out to give it back, indicating that I would be compliant with throwing it away.

No dice. 

At this point, I was getting pissed off because this huge woman bouncer clearly was having a bad day and forced me out of the bar.  Bridget and Trina followed me back outside, and I told them I would just take a cab home and not to worry about it.  They wouldn’t hear of it and suggested that we just get back in line.  The bouncer yelled over to us, “There’s no way you’re getting back in, girls!”


So instead we just went to the line for the bar next door, which just happens to connect inside to the original bar we were in.  The bouncer whispered something to the bouncer of bar #2, so my chances didn’t look good, but I actually got back into the bar with no problem whatsoever.

Athena for the win! 

I beelined it toward the back, where I saw that Slesh and Mastro had already found some other people we knew.  But at some point during my sprint to the back of the bar, Katrina and Bridget got re-kicked out!  From association with “the girl in the leopard shirt.” Really!?

“Where is she?  I know she’s in there.”  -Relentless bouncer

But Bridget and Trina were pretty slick and convinced brutal bouncer woman that they had sent me home in a cab.    And they got back in.  And they each got a free beer because they said it wasn’t fair that they got kicked out.  Atta GIRLS!  Shining moment of friendship, right there.

Meanwhile, I am still in the bar, getting urgent texts from Bridget:

Theenie, hide.

Theenie, get in the bathroom NOW.

Theenie, they are looking for you!!!

I listened to Bridget, my voice of reason, and met her in the bathroom.  We then squished into a stall together and proceeded to switch shirts.  Well, kind of.  I took off my leopard shirt, stuffed it to the bottom of my purse, and put on Bridget’s shirt instead.  And then Bridget REALLY had a shining moment of friendship that night not only was she willing to give me her shirt so I could be “safe,” but she also wore her jacket zipped up – with no shirt on underneath – for the rest of the night!

LOL!  I could have just worn the jacket!  But nope.  I rocked Bridget’s really cute outfit for the rest of the night, while she stayed all zipped up.

And while the bouncer – to no success – continued looking for “the girl in the leopard shirt.”


Thanks, Bridget!!!

Ever been kicked out of, or almost kicked out of, a bar before?!  Can you think of a time you or a friend had a “shining moment of friendship?”  Ever encountered a brutal bouncer?

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Catch ya later!