It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something in The Awk Spot.  Don’t be fooled, friends.  Lack of Awk Spot posts does NOT necessarily imply a lack of awk moments.

There’s always plenty of those.  🙂

The Time I Was That Girl in the Audience

This Friday I drove out to Harvard, MA (who knew such a town even existed?!) because my Uncle Chris scored a role in the Harvard Community Theatre’s production of “Crossing Brooklyn.”

Crossing Brooklyn is a modern musical that deals with the emotional aftermath of September 11th in New York City.  The show tells the story of Des and AJ, a young, idealistic couple who are very much in love.  They are both public school teachers bent on changing the world, one kid at a time.  Life is full of promise and endless possibility until Des begins to unravel under the weight of her fears, ignited from that fateful September day.  Splitting apart under the strain, Des and AJ struggle to find their way back to each other.  The lessons they learn though the people they meet changes them forever.

The majority of the show focuses on Des and AJ’s crumbling relationship, and it was actually a very heavy story.  Tons of references to September 11th.  A little boy losing both his parents.  The relationship struggles in the aftermath of tragedy.  Not exactly uplifting material for a Friday night!  I will admit that yes, I cried during this play.  And yes, I cried multiple times.  Hey, I never claimed to be cool, okay?

But that’s not the awkward part.

It was toward the end of the show.  I probably already cried like 4 times.  Tim is being nice, but internally thinking, “Really, Athena?”  Another really emotional part of the play is happening.  I looked at Tim and he starts laughing (silently) at me that I had tears in my eyes (again).  Then the auditorium goes dead silent.  For some big moment about to happen.

And what do I do?

I drop my water bottle.

The water bottle that I snuck into the auditorium in the first place, because of the giant sign that said no food or drinks allowed.  (Such a rule breaker).

The water bottle that dropped straight to the floor with a huge clank during the most moving part of the play.

The water bottle that rolled around on the floor until Tim grabbed it.

And then I proceeded to awkwardly laugh/sob until the end of the show.

Sorry, Uncle Chris.  Sorry your niece was that girl in the audience.

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Anyone have an awkward moment lately that you’d like to share?  Ever done something totally embarrassing while being in the audience somewhere?

Hope you all have a non-awkward day!

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