Most of you have seen me mention my dear friend Slesh in this blog.

She’s one of my current three roommates.

She’s been my partner in crime for NINE (omg) years now.

She’s even written a guest post for Fitness & Feta!

But most importantly, she’s just as awkward as me.

So awkward that she experienced the most awk moment of all time literally within 5 seconds of arriving to Providence College for our five-year reunion weekend.

The Time Slesh Hugged A Stranger

I drove Slesh and I down to Providence for our reunion.  As we started nearing the city, we both started getting a little nervous about who we might see and how awkward the weekend could potentially be.  I mean, what if people didn’t remember us?  (That did happen to me, by the way.  One boy asked if I was in his class.  I said, yes I was wondering the same thing about him).  What if we had nothing to talk about with people?  What if we saw people we REALLY didn’t want to see?

Anyways, as we waved past the security guard (yes, you can still wave right on by years later!) I headed toward the Bedford/Davis parking lot.  As I was driving there, a Connecticut license plated car drove by us, and we saw a blonde girl waving ferociously at us.

Slesh got excited and started yelling, “It’s Steph!  It’s Steph!”  Steph was my freshman and sophomore year roomie.  Visual:

Anyways, I immediately put my car in reverse and we were both waving at the blonde waving back at us.  The second my car stopped, Slesh hopped out.  So did “Steph.”

They ran toward each other.

And then….

I got to witness the most amazing, unreal, unbelievably awkward moment EVER.

It wasn’t Steph!

The two of them realized that they had NO clue who the other was.

Oh, but they went in for it anyways!

“OMG how are youuuuu”
“Ahhhh good omg youuuu”
“So good to see you!”


Then they both got back in their cars, and we drove away.

I actually am crying laughing still thinking about it.

Seriously, unreal.



Ever hugged a stranger by accident?  Do you remember a time you thought someone was someone else?  Tell me about your awk moments too!

Hope everyone’s having a fab weekend! 🙂