Morning! Just wanted to share a new workout with you guys today. This is one that I taught for the beginning of class last week, but it’s one that would make for an extremely effective 15-20 minute workout during the busy holiday season.

The Overhead Burn Workout

I hope this one isn’t too confusing. Basically, if you are working out with a friend, partner 1 starts with the circuit and goes through 10 reps of each exercises while partner 2 does barbell push presses for however long it takes partner 1 to finish the circuit. Then you will switch so partner 2 does the circuit while partner 1 does barbell push presses. The next round will be exactly the same except that the overhead exercise will be a barbell overhead hold instead of a push press. You will continue alternating in this pattern for 15-20 minutes or until both partners have done equal amounts of rounds.

Overhead Burn Workout

This makes for a great shoulder burn because of all the overhead moves! If you want to do this one solo, just do the overhead moves for 30 seconds on your own before going back to your main circuit. But since tomorrow’s Holiday Hustle suggested check in is something active with a friend, I thought I’d help you guys out!

Overhead Burn Workout


–Let’s chat–
About how much I’m LOVING barbell push presses lately. Anyone else? What exercise always makes your shoulders burn?

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday so far! To follow along with my Holiday Hustle challengers, check out #ffholidayhustle on social media. Everyone’s breakfast pics today look so YUMMY!