Looking to try something different for your next girls night out or date night?  You should prooooobably venture on over to The Paint Bar in Newton.

Two of my roommates and I gave our fourth roommate a night out here for her birthday present.  I was a little nervous/hesitant at first, but definitely pleasantly surprised.

How it works:

Before You Go

  • Visit The Paint Bar’s website.
  • Look at the calendar to choose a date that suits you (also will want to make sure that date’s painting is one you like!)
  • Reserve your spot right online or by phone.  When I signed up, it was a super easy process and I could sign all four of us up at once.

While You’re There

  • Register / Check In – here they give you a set of paintbrushes.
  • Find your personalized easel (already set up for you with your name on it!)

  • Get your paint ready!  This part made me a little nervous, but they had very specific directions stating how many squirts of each color you would need.

  • Get a drink!  They serve soda, beer, wine, and snacks too.  You can’t bring in your own alcohol, but you can bring in your own food.  Had we known that!  People were going all out with cheese and cracker platters, cookies, etc.  Really cool, right?
  • Put on your smocks 🙂

  • Paint!  During the lesson, the instructor stands at one end of the room and leads you through the painting step by step.  Literally says which brush to pick up, which colors to dip it in, and the exact way to paint.  It’s really cool because it is a very laid back atmosphere – definitely put my nerves at ease!  In between the instructions, they played fun music and you could just sit and chat with those around you.


  • You will be amazed at how your painting comes out!  I liked that everyone paints the same painting, but everyone’s comes out a little bit different.

  • Hang your paintings up and enjoy them at home!  (We still haven’t decided what to do with them yet)

This night out was super relaxing.  I mentioned that I’ve been having a few stressful weeks lately, and I definitely found this almost therapeutic!  I think this is perfect for a girl’s night out, something different to do as a date (just make sure to book the couples class, not the general class – I felt badly for the one man amongst the crowd of women when we went), or even as a private party since The Paint Bar offers those too!  What a great idea for a mother-daughter business.

Question:  Have you ever been to any place like this before?

Be Thankful Challenge:  I’m thankful for ACTIVITIES!