My guest post for Erin over at Creative Soul In Motion is up and running!  Go check it out by clicking here.  It’s a lot of the facts behind calorie counting and carbohydrates, as well as my personal spin on how to keep healthy living realistic.  I promise it’s a good read for the Monday after a long Thanksgiving weekend – might help you get back on track if you strayed a bit from your normal eating/fitness routine.  Please venture over and take a look.

This is my first guest post for another blogger, so a big thank you to Erin for the opportunity!  🙂

Some other exciting blog news!

1.  Fitness & Feta is now at its own ‘dot com.’  Anyone else realize that?  No more “wordpress” in the URL – just  Woohoo!

2.  I gave my pages (the tabs at the top) a little makeover this weekend.  Take a look at the new format, the hover text, and the drop down menus.  Oh, and probably more importantly, the updated content:

3.  I added a “What’s Hot Right Now” section on the left hand side underneath my “Recent Posts” section.  “What’s Hot Right Now” will show the 10 most clicked on posts of the last 48 hours, whereas the “Recent Posts” will show my last 10 posts regardless of traffic.

Coming Soon!

  • November Recap
  • Luna Bar FREE Giveaway
  • Resisting Holiday Food Temptations
  • Balancing Blogging, Work, Fitness, and a Social Life
  • Pet Peeves of a Fitness Instructor
  • And more – if you have requests for future blog topics, keep em coming! 

Have a wonderful day 🙂