Hi again, folks.  As promised, here’s the workout I taught in Circuit Training class this morning.  Same exact format as the class I taught Tuesday, but I used different moves and incorporated the Swiss Ball for variety.

Same awesome playlist!

The Superset Plus Cardio Interval Workout 2

For each combination, do as many reps of Move A as you possibly can while keeping good form for 1 minute, then immediately go into Move B without taking a break and do as many reps of that for a second minute.  Go through that combination three times and follow the three sets with 45 seconds of the cardio interval.   So, you will do Move A, Move B, Move A, Move B, Move A, Move B, and finish with the cardio.  Break, and go into the next combination.

Of course, if you know me you might be aware that sometimes I get bored with my original “plan” and tend to stray to whatever I feel like doing at any give moment.  So some of my italicized notes below are what I decided to change right on the spot this morning.  Either way – you’ll get a good workout.



  • Move 1A:  Alternating front lunges with Swiss Ball Twist
    (Note – whichever leg is alternating front, twist to that direction)
  • Move 1B:  Any type of plank variation
    (Examples – superman knees to the side, feet hop out & ins – my new favorite, mountain climber knees in, rolling front and back on the toes, etc)
  • Cardio Interval:  Jumping Jacks


  • Move 2A:  Dumbbell Curl with Static Hold (30 seconds on each side) with One Leg Balance on Swiss Ball
  • Move 2B:  Tricep Overhead Extensions Lying Supine on Swiss Ball
  • Cardio Interval:  Jump Rope


  • Move 3A:  Squat with Swiss Ball Raise
    (Note – on round 2 we did squats with a weight instead, and on round 3 we did squats with no ball or weight but just legs together.  Your choice!)
  • Move 3B:  Calf Raises with Overhead Swiss Ball Hold
    (Note – on round 2 we did calf raises with no Swiss ball but with a turned out “first position” stance, and on round 3 we did regular raises with lateral arm lifts.  Your choice!)
  • Cardio Interval:  High Knees


  • Move 4A:  Supine Chest Press on Swiss Ball
  • Move 4B:  Prone Back Moves on Swiss Ball
    (Note – Round 1 – T Lifts, Round 2 – Palm Up Presses, Round 3 – Elbow Raise)
  • Cardio Interval:  Runners


  • Move 5A:  Swiss Ball Ham Pull Ins
    (Note – Round 1 was 30 seconds of pull ins, 30 second hold.  Round 2 was 30 seconds of pull ins, then 15 seconds of knee lifts on each side.  Round 3 was 30 seconds of pull ins, then 30 seconds of hip raises with feet balanced on ball). 
  • Move 5b:  Swiss Ball Ab Lower & Lift
    (Note – Round 1 was straight back & up, Round 2 was oblique twists, and Round 3 was crunches with legs resting on ball).
  • Cardio Interval:  Skipped – already on the floor.

5 extra minutes to spare?  Oblique crunches to each side, followed by knee tuck ins to chest and extensions out.


Now get moving! 

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