Great to be back to my Tuesday night class.  Here’s the workout and playlist from tonight!

As usual, any questions let me know – and please honor your bodies/injuries and remember my disclaimer.

The Superset Plus Cardio Interval Workout

For each combination, do as many reps of Move A as you possibly can while keeping good form for 1 minute, then immediately go into Move B without taking a break and do as many reps of that for a second minute.  Go through that combination three times and follow the three sets with 45 seconds of the cardio interval.   So, you will do Move A, Move B, Move A, Move B, Move A, Move B, and finish with the cardio.  Break, and go into the next combination.



  • Move 1A:  Dumbbell Lunge with Lateral Raise
  • Move 1B:  Torso Twist holding weight
  • Cardio Interval:  Jumping Jacks


  • Move 2A:  Dumbbell Row & Rotation
  • Move 2B:  Pushups
  • Cardio Interval:  Jump Rope


  • Move 3A:  Weighted Hip Raise
  • Move 3B:  Plank with Feet Jumping Out & In
  • Cardio Interval:  Ski Jumps


  • Move 4A:  Dumbbell Curl with Static Hold (30 seconds on each side)
  • Move 4B:  Two Arm Dumbbell Kickback
  • Cardio Interval:  High Knees


  • Move 5A:  Jump Squats
  • Move 5b:  Calf Walk w/weights (awk move of the night!)
  • Cardio Interval:  Football Runs

5 extra minutes to spare?  3 sets of 8 regular crunches, hold, and pulse for 8 (feet on floor), then repeat (feet lifted with knees over hips), then right into slow bicycles 2 sets of 8, hold the bicycle knees in for 4 counts a few times, then finish double time.


Sweet New Playlist

New favorite can’t stop listening to song?  “Jungle Flames” by The DNC.  Or maaaybe “Helena Beat” by Foster the People.  That was a really good opening song to get class going tonight.  This actually might just be one of my favorite playlists yet!

Go download this mix and put this workout into your fitness plan for the week!  You won’t regret it, I PROMISE!

Goodnight 🙂