On Saturday morning, Tim and I decided to try a new breakfast spot.  We had a few places in mind, but finally decided to try The Sweet Peach Diner down the street from us.  Sweet Peach opened about eight weeks ago, replacing what used to be Andros Diner.  Andros Diner was a family staple, as my parents used to take us there for breakfast often.  I was curious to see if Sweet Peach could compare.

Verdict:  Not at all.


Here’s my review:

The Sweet Peach Diner

Eats — The food itself was fine, but it wasn’t anything special.  The menu had classic diner items such as burgers, hot dogs, and seafood, along with Southern-style fare and barbecue.  There were lots of pork options.  The breakfast menu was pretty extensive, but I just ordered my go to two eggs over easy with wheat toast and a side of fruit instead of home fries.  I know, I know, I’m so boring.  So yeah, in reviewing the food I’m not about to say it didn’t taste good but nothing about it screamed that I had to go back again.  Maybe I would have a different opinion had I ordered the banana bread french toast like I really wanted to but decided to be good.

Atmosphere — Cute name, cute sign outside, but very blah inside.  No decorations on the walls.  Maybe it’s because they only opened 8 weeks ago, but I think I’d probably have pictures of peaches at the very least hanging up?  Just plain blue paint with a country-ish feel.  Again if you don’t care about that stuff it’s a non-issue, but with a name like Sweet Peach, I expect it to be really cute.

Service — This was by far what ruined the experience for me.  When we got there, there weren’t any two person tables available so we decided it would be no big deal to sit at the counter.  Normally there aren’t too many things going on right at the counter itself, but at Sweet Peach the wait staff spends a lot of time there filling drinks, making coffees, and talking with each other.  The girl who took our order told us it was her first day.  She wrote down our orders exactly how we wanted them:  Me with two eggs over easy, wheat toast dry with a side of jams, and the fruit instead of home fries.  Tim with an omelet, pepperjack cheese instead of Swiss, and wheat toast dry with a side of jams.  We learned from hearing the waitstaff’s entire conversation that the girl hadn’t been set up yet to put codes in the computer, so another girl whom we nicknamed Grumps by the end got extremely visibly and audibly irritated and input the food in herself instead.  By “input the food” I mean punched the crap out of the register because that’s what it seemed like she was doing.  Out come the complete WRONG order… I got home fries, Tim got Swiss cheese, and we both got toast dripping in butter.   And Tim’s was white.  Awful.  Even at that, it’s something we could fix, but what made the experience even worse was that any time the newbie asked a question, Grumps snapped at her as if she was supposed to know what she was doing on day one.  Actually now that I think about it she was snapping at all the other waitresses there too.  It completely ruined our entire experience to hear the staff acting like that toward each other because it was very distracting.  We wanted to write on our check “Don’t let Grumpy get you down!” to the poor new girl.  So Jasmine, or Jazz something whatever your name was, stop acting like a princess and scaring away more future customers.  Yikes…

Moral of the story is that The Sweet Peach wasn’t so sweet after all.  Too bad.

After brunch though, Tim and I decided to stroll around and explore a bit.  We stumbled upon a pretty park and spent some time walking off breakfast and just enjoying the beautiful morning with each other.

It really was such a gorgeous weekend.  Days like Saturday and Sunday help me clear my mind, which sometimes is the healthiest thing of all that you can do for yourself.

Tell me about the worst service you’ve ever had at a restaurant.  Or how you like to clear your mind.  Or both!

And then have a great Monday night.