Last night as I was folding the laundry, I realized that as I was folding shirt after sports bra after towel, I was also tossing each and every sock onto the couch.  For Tim to fold, obviously.


I seriously hate folding socks.

This lead to some laughs and a discussion about things that we just hate doing.  And by hate doing I think we really were talking about the things we realized the other hates to do after moving in together.  I say this because I was really good at pointing out the things that Tim “hates” to do, and Tim was really good at pointing out mine.

At least we can laugh about it, right?  I’m sure these lists could go on, but we narrowed it down to a few obvious ones each:

Things I Hate Doing

  • Folding socks
  • Cleaning the lint/dirt off the bottom of the broom for the next use
  • Giving somebody else control of the computer when working on something together
  • Closing the lazy susan after spinning it to find a Tupperware container
  • Getting my own glass of water before bed (I always forget and then whine kindly ask Tim to get me one)

Things Tim Hates Doing

  • Opening mail until it can’t possibly stack up any higher
  • Putting his sandals away from being [half] under the coffee table
  • Moving our coffee table centerpiece BACK to the center of the coffee table after moving it to the corner for whatever reason.  (Fun fact – I have actually started calling our centerpiece a corner piece.  Because it’s a corner piece more often than a centerpiece.  This is mind-boggling to me).
  • Giving somebody else control of the television remote
  • Throwing away paper — receipts we don’t need, straw wrappers, you name it

I guess as long as I hold the computer and Tim holds the remote, all is well.


Yesterday I actually made it to the gym for 6am.  For a Monday morning, I consider that impressive.  I really enjoyed the workout format I used last Monday where I did 3 rounds of a 10 move circuit with 10 minutes of steady cardio before each round, so I opted to use the same “template” and just switch things up a bit.  I did all rounds of steady cardio on the spin bike, but here’s how my circuit looked:

Monday Morning Sweat

I also rocked some new sneaks (Nike Pegasus).  They’re teal.  Enough said.

Nike Pegasus

I need to get to the gym at 6am on Mondays more often for the following reasons:

  • It was nice to start the week with some “me” time, just zoning out while working out.
  • I had so much energy and was so productive all day long.  It was kind of awesome to feel this week, especially at the start of the week!  Usually on Mondays I feel so lethargic all day long.
  • I felt like I had so much free time last night.  To do things like make lists of things I don’t like to do instead of make lists about things I have to do.  😉

What is something you learned about someone after moving in with them?  Doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you are dating!

My favorite “after move in” discovery story is still my friend whose boyfriend stuck the produce plu code stickers all over their kitchen counters and shirt size stickers all over their dressers.  Too funny!