Time for my Favorite Things post for April!

I know I usually post my favorite things post around mid-month, but I’m finding it too hard to stick to a mid-month time frame.  So.  This will still remain a monthly series on F&F, but no promises on the whole mid-month thing anymore.

Here goes!

1.  Frosting Gun
I mentioned the other day that I used a frosting gun to make these cupcakes

I also used it to frost the cupcakes I made Tim for his birthday (recipe coming soon).  Honestly, whoever invented the frosting gun is a genius in my opinion.  HOW have I been frosting cupcakes with a butter knife all these years?  Tim gave me not only this frosting gun, but an entire dessert decorating kit, as part of my Valentine’s Day present.

[Picture Source]

I told him the other day that it was one of my favorite gifts yet.  His reaction?  “Really, Athena?  The pearl earrings… the dance lessons… lululemon… the Uggs… and you like this the best?!”  What can I say?  I’m easy to please!!  Ok, maybe I was just really excited to start using it?   Either way.  Highly recommend.

2.  Baked Oatmeal
This recipe has been one of my favorite breakfasts (and snacks… and desserts…) lately.  It’s SO tasty, and perfect to keep on hand for a quick grab and go meal or snack at any time of day.  I also think this would be the perfect casserole dish to bring along to a potluck brunch!  Has anyone tried making this yet?  If not, go make it.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

3.  Spring Cleaning
Last Friday I legit went on a huge de-cluttering spree.  I went to town on my closet, dresser, under the bed bins, and apartment storage.  I put any clothes that I haven’t worn in the past year in bags to donate.  I started out with four whole bags!  This weekend my roommate Slesh, my mom, sister, and aunt went “shopping” through the bags and I was able to eliminate down to three.  The rest I am planning to donate to Good Will.  It feels so great to have de-cluttered, and now I have so much extra space!!

4.  This shirt from Old Navy
I have been loving this shirt because I can seriously wear it with anything.  I wore it on date night a few weekends ago, I’ve been wearing it with my brown dress pants for a work outfit, and I can make good use of it with anything.  It cost me like $5 at Old Navy, and I keep getting tons of compliments on it.  Score. 

5.  Lemon Lavender Car Jar
Nothing like switching out one season’s candles for another!  Just put this car jar up, and am loving it.  So springy!

[Picture Source]

In summary: 
I have been pretty much been getting high off lavender while wearing the same shirt everyday because I got rid of all my other clothes, and I’m lucky I haven’t gotten frosting or oatmeal all over it yet.  😉

What have you been loving lately?  Anything good?!