Time for this month’s Favorite Things post!  My “Favorite Things” series is where once a month I post about five things I’ve been loving just a little extra that month.  Here’s what August is bringing to the table!

Why, why, WHY did I only jump on the smoothie bandwagon this summer?  I can’t even imagine life without them now.  I’ve made one almost every day, and they are such a phenomenal post workout refuel option.  I’ve tried a bunch of different flavors, but my favorite is still this peanut butter banana smoothie.  One new-found discovery though?  Try adding chocolate protein powder.  Yesss.


Best Body Bootcamp
Are you guys sick of me mentioning bootcamp yet?  Well, sorry I’m not sorry.  I’m only halfway through the program so I’m not going to stop talking about it yet.  I cannot believe that this 8 week program only costs $25.  That is $25 for six workouts a week.  48 workouts?!  That breaks down to $1.92 a workout.  Think about that!!  For me, this has been a great opportunity to broaden some of my exercise regimens and get new ideas for moves in my classes.

Another thing I didn’t discover the beauty of until this year.  Really, where have I been all these years?  I recently bought a pair of brown wedges at Famous Footwear, and they are amazing.  So much more comfortable than flats I think, and definitely more comfortable than squashing my toes into pointy shoes.  Plus they are so cute!  I just never knew what to wear wedges with before.  I still kind of don’t.  But I pretend and it’s okay.  P.S.  Don’t look at my second toes.  They are longer than my big toes.

I said not to look.

Express Coupons
I don’t normally shop at Express because I find it too pricy, and I really just hate spending money unnecessarily on clothes.  However, the other day I had one of those coupons that was $10 off a $30 purchase, $30 of a $90 purchase, or $50 off a $150 purchase.
  I tried on two dresses, just cause, that were both 30% off.  The total of both the dresses ended up making more sense to buy a few other items to hit the $150 just to get the $50 off — I would have ended up paying the same amount.  Pretty sure that two Express dresses + an Express clutch + Express bracelets for $100 is pretty awesome.

Makes for a great, healthy snack since only one cup has 189 calories and 16.86 grams of protein.  Plus, apparently  edamame is the only vegetable in the world that has all nine essential amino acids, as well as 16% of your daily requirement for vitamin C, 20% of your daily requirement for iron, 10% of your daily requirement for calcium, 19% of your daily requirement for potassium, and 8.1 grams of fiber.  I’ve been buying these beans lately and putting them on my salads as well as eating plain.

[Picture / Nutrition Source]

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