Morning!  Is everyone enjoying the weekend?  How was your St. Patrick’s Day?  Sorry for the later than normal appearance today, but I decided it was more important to sleep in, get some brunch at Athan’s Bakery with Tim, and then take a nice stroll around town to enjoy the weather than it was to get this post up first thing in the morning.

But don’t fret, here I am.

I know I’m a bit past the 15th, but here’s my mid-month Favorite Things post!

Palm Peelers

Tim put these little gizmos in my Christmas stocking this year:

Scored from our friend Geoff who works at The Kitchen Collection, these little palm peelers are AWESOME.  Make peeling so much easier.  And I normally HATE peeling!  I’ve cut myself on our damn peeler before, but with these – they just slide right on so you can peel away and not worry about potential injury.

On my highly recommend you try list!

Run Hundred

While searching for some new jams for class last week, I stumbled across this gem:

It’s a FREE music database where you can search music by source, genre, TEMPO (yes, tempo!) or decade.  You can also sign up to receive Run Hundred’s monthly email with their Top 10 Workout Songs of the month, and browse through their other lists like “Top 10 Remixes for Working Out” and “40 Workout Covers from the 80’s.”  While this is extremely exciting for fitness instructors like myself, I think you guys will all like this site too.  I mean, who doesn’t love stumbling across new music to amp up your workouts?

Strawberry Banana Protein Pancakes

I made this recipe at the beginning of the month, and I’ve been on a huge kick ever since!  I’ve been making the strawberry banana protein pancakes on the days I work from home.  They are super easy (only three ingredients!) and fill me up so that I avoid mindless snacking the rest of the morning.  Plus they are tasty!  I’ve had a lot of positive reader feedback from those that made this recipe too.  If you haven’t tried making these yet, do it!

Scarf Organizer

Another Christmas present, this scarf organizer is RIGHT up my alley.

Not sure how many of you are aware of my scarf obsession, but I currently own 20 scarves.  And I just went through and got rid of a bunch too.  Before this amazing toy for organization lovers was given to me (thanks, Trina!), I always struggled with how to store my scarves.  On one hanger?  In a drawer?  Ahh!  They always ended up so messy.

Look at how dorky I was when I originally opened it:

Probably was making some kind of claim about how I couldn’t wait to hang up my scarves.  Clearly, still as excited about it.  For those interested, Trina found this at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Jen’s Blog!

You guys might remember this post from my friend Jen’s good-bye celebration.  Jen, one of my fellow gym rats, has recently relocated to Canada.

And she started a blog to keep track of her adventures in moving and as a means for keeping in touch with all of us.  That being said, you should all check out her site by clicking here.  She has great workouts, delish looking food, lots of dog pictures for you canine lovers, and just a whole lot of randomness.  It definitely has been keeping me entertained!

If you guys are craving more of my favorite things, check out the category page that lists all my past Favorite Things posts by clicking here!

What are you guys loving this month?  Share please!

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Enjoy the rest of the weekend and make sure to get outside to enjoy the weather!  Spring is right around the corner.  🙂