Happy Friday, all!  Thought it would be fun to wrap up the week with my March “Things I’m Loving Lately” post.

Favorite Things

Pomegranate White Tea
This tea from Trader Joe’s is my new favorite.  It’s made with organic white tea leaves, hibiscus flowers, and lemongrass and it’s so yummy
.  I’ve been drinking it around 3pm at work for a little afternoon treat.

Trader Joe's Pomegranate White Tea

Black Bean Quinoa Burgers
Can’t take credit for these, but these burgers have been part of our Sunday food prep for a few weeks now.  You can find the recipe here over at The Lean Green Bean!  Great vegetarian option, and awesome flavor.  There’s feta in them, obviously.

Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

Single Leg Mountain Climbers
New favorite plyo type move, thanks to Liz’s sweet find in a magazine last week!  Start in a straight-arm plank and pull your right knee in toward your chest, keeping the left leg extended.  Keeping the right knee tucked in, jump your left leg forward then jump it back to full plank position.  Basically you keep hopping in and out with the same leg instead of switching.  You could also do this move like we did in class on Tuesday night, pulling the knee in and back while doing mini hops with the other foot that’s on the ground.  Either way!

Single Leg Mountain Climbers

Food Network Magazine
It’s still thrilling to get snail mail, people.  Especially when fun recipes are involved!  Was psyched when this month’s issue of Food Network Magazine arrived at the front door.

Food Network Magazine

New Bistro Set
Even though the Boston weather has prevented us from enjoying our new table and chairs for the back porch, I’m still loving it every time I walk by it just hanging out in the dining room.  I can’t wait to eat dinner OUTSIDE once it warms up a bit!  C’mon, snow – melt please!  For anyone looking for an outdoor bistro set, Christmas Tree Shops has some cute ones for around $60 each (thanks Shannon for the heads up on this).  Can’t beat that!

Christmas Tree Shops Bistro Set

Note:  Not my porch and not our set, but the only picture I could find online.  [Source]

What are some things you’ve been loving in March?

Have a great weekend everybody, and make sure to stay tuned for details about my April Arms Challenge early next week!