Hello, friends.  Here’s my usual mid-month favorite things post!

Fuzzy Socks

Okay, so I might have just a *few* pairs.  But my feet are always cold!  And since we’ve been transitioning into colder weather, I think a basket of fuzzy socks is well, pretty much necessary, don’t you?  Tim always makes fun of me because I insist on wearing a pair of fuzzy socks to bed every night in the late fall/winter, but I don’t think a night goes by where I don’t kick them off in the middle of the night.  This pretty much results in a pile of stray fuzzy socks under my bed and in my sheets!  But I don’t care.  They are cute, and warm, and fuzzy, and I will continue adding to my collection.


I tend to not buy as many berries as the weather gets colder, but for some reason I have been on a blackberry kick lately.  Maybe because they’ve been on sale at the grocery store?  I don’t think I really ever liked blackberries as much as I have this year.  Not a bad thing though – blackberries have a ton of health benefits!

“Besides being a good source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber, blackberries also contain potent antioxidants called polyphenols.  The main polyphenolic compounds found in blackberries are anthocyanins, ellagic acid and gallic acid.  Research indicates that blackberries provide a wide range of health effects, from boosting immunity to combating diabetes.”

Studying for the ACSM Exam

Studying?  Really, Athena?

Go ahead, call me a huge loser.  But studying is fun when it’s actually for something you have a genuine interest in.  Who knew?  Stay tuned for some more fitness posts in the near future!

Therapeutic Hot & Cold Pad

As most of you know, I’ve been slowly nursing my stupid right rotator cuff back to health.  This hot & cold pad was the best $13 I’ve ever spent at CVS.  Ok maybe pretzel M&M’s and CVS brand Cheez-Its (not kidding, they are better than real Cheez-Its) top the list, but this thing sure is up there and really helps me stay on the track to recovery.

The New Brew CD

Have you guys ever heard of The Brew?  I got hooked when I first listened to their “Back to the Woods” album after Tim & Vinnie introduced them to me a couple of years ago.  I’ve since gone to two Brew shows and sadly had to miss out a few weekends ago when they played my favorite single (Black Train) and released their new album, “A Garden In the Snow.”  If anyone’s looking for some new music, this indie-pop-rock band is great and what I’ve been listening to when I’m not teaching class.

Question of the Day:  What are your favorite things this month!?

Be Thankful Challenge:  I’m thankful for sweatpants.  Random, and unrelated to this post, but I am.  Have you guys been keeping up with being thankful in November?!

Have a nice day!!