It feels good to be back in Boston!

Today I’m working from home. My company lets employees that have been working at the company for over three years to telecommute one day a week, and it really is quite a nice perk. I was able to get a full night’s sleep, I took my lunch break today at 10am so I could go to a cardio conditioning class, and I had enough time to make myself a yummy lunch: a whole wheat pita with quinoa, cucumber, yellow pepper, tomato, avocado, and bleu cheese. On the side was a vanilla Chobani yogurt topped with blueberries, strawberries, and vanilla almond granola.

I did end up squeezing in a 6am workout before being on site yesterday. I was so happy when I got home that my workout was already done for the day! I was so tired, so it was great to have a free night to relax and spend some time with Tim.

Two Gym Stereotypes You’re Sure to Recognize

Now I love to people watch at the gym. While at Planet Fitness during my trip, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself at two nearby gym characters, as I like to call them. I have a lot of gym character stereotypes that I can’t get enough of, but these two particular men caught my eye this week.

Character 1: The Wanderer
These people amaze me because they sign up for gym memberships, they go to the gym, but they never seem to actually be doing anything there.  I noticed this particular wanderer when I was on a mat doing some floor work. He was on one of the ab machines behind me, just sitting and watching everyone around him. He did pull out his phone to text a bit. I think during the time it took me to get through my entire ab series, he had done one, MAYBE two, sit ups on the machine. He got up and sauntered around at one point, lurked nearby one of the cardio machines, and then wandered right on back to the mats and plopped himself on the one next to me. He laid there for awhile, made a phone call, did a crunch, laid back down.  What’s the freaking point?!

Character 2: The Show-Off
Everyone knows the show-off!  The grunter that is making a point for the whole gym to know how much he is lifting, the girl that is strutting around in a tight fitting workout outfit, or the person doing a move completely WRONG but it must look cool because they are doing it so fast! I literally laughed out loud at this week’s showoff. I was again, on the mat, this time doing my new favorite pushup variation: spiderman pushups. 

Anyways, as I was doing a set of these, nice and slow and controlled as you are supposed to do, the show-off was holding a plank next to me. With his hips sagging so far down I was cringing thinking about his lower back! But then he saw me doing my pushups, and he actually stopped holding his plank so he could do the exact same move. A little coincidental if you ask me, but that’s fine if my exercises inspired him. I laughed out loud when he did them so fast. What kind of work did that actually do for your muscles, buddy!? Gotta love the show-off.

Let’s chat! What was for lunch today? What gym stereotypes make you laugh?

P.S. Check out one of this week’s deals at BuyWithMe:  25 visits for $25 (that’s $1 a visit, people!) to any greater Boston YMCA locations. And then should you decide to join, your joining fee will be waived. I’m hoping some of my friends take advantage of this so they can come to my classes!