Hello!  Later than usual post today.  It’s been kind of a crazy week, and I’m holding back a lot of stuff that’s been going on.  In due time, my friends, in due time.  For now, here’s my Friday post.  Enjoy!16

Two Things You Should Never Order

You guys read about my Memorial Day Weekend here and here.  I documented lots of my yummy eats.  But I didn’t tell you about the crummy ones yet.  The ones that were NOT even worth taking pictures of, and NOT worth the moolah I spent on them.  So here you have it, three things to NEVER order.

Disclaimer:  I’m not saying that these establishments are bad and not worthy of going to.  They totally are.  I’d go back to both.  Just not for these disappointing items!

From Charlie’s Kitchen:
…The Portobello Mushroom and Tomato Sandwich 


Last Sunday, Tim and I went on a long walk to Harvard Square and were pretty excited to get lunch outside in their outdoor beer garden.  I was trying my best to keep my weekend as healthy as possible, so I spent some time looking over the menu and weighing my options for what to order.  I really wanted a wrap – they had some great sounding specials of the day, but when I asked our waiter if they had wheat wraps he said no so I decided against it.  Instead I ordered the Portobello mushroom and tomato sandwich on wheat bread, and I substituted a side salad for the fries.

Huge mistake.  The salad came out first, it was so boring with gross looking lettuce, carrots, and like 2 tomatoes.  The dressing was pretty good, but it was a pretty lame salad.  Then came my sandwich.  My little measly sandwich.  On a huge plate.  My heart sank when I saw it because I knew I made the wrong decision.  The bread was barely even toasted, and I finished the sandwich in like two bites.  I guess I assumed there would be more to the sandwich besides just the ingredients in the title?  Ugh, I could have made a bazillion other sandwiches that tasted better myself.  What made it worse, was that Tim DID order a wrap… and it was on wheat!  So lame.

Tim said his meal (a burger and bean wrap) was good but not THAT good.  We probably will leave Charlie’s for drinks only.  We do love it there for their outdoor space, it’s pretty awesome!  But I think I’d prefer grabbing grub elsewhere in Harvard Square.

From Abbot’s Frozen Custard:

…The Vanilla Custard with Raspberry and Pineapple

After our fun day at Walden Pond, Tim and I decided to wrap up our Memorial Day Weekend by treating ourselves to something cold and delicious — what better than ice cream to kick off summer??  We decided to try Abbot’s Frozen Custard, which is fairly new to Brighton Center.  Now I’ve never tried custard before.  It’s definitely good!  But a lot heavier and creamier than ice cream.  So I just want to say that you definitely can and SHOULD go to Abbot’s and  try their custard.  What you shouldn’t order is the custard with raspberry and pineapple.  Because I asked the girl who served me if the fruit toppings were real pieces of fruit.  And she lied to me.  What I got was a cup of white, pink, and yellow GOOP.  Gross, sugary, sauce.  I tried to scrape as much of it off as I could, but what a waste of a “splurge!”  Had I known that, I would have just ordered the Oreos.  I was a custard eating crank after that.

And I decided I hate the word “custard.”  It reminds me of “crusty.”

Anyways!  There’s my weekend advice for all of you.

You’re welcome.

Any particular items you recommend I never order?!

I’m off to PROVIDENCE COLLEGE!!  5 year reunion this weekend!  At first I wasn’t excited at all for some reason, but now I’m pumped.  I can’t wait for a weekend of Golden Crust (yes, I’m having a slice with extra bleuch), McPhails, the suites, FOUR MORE YEARS, “Shout”ing, Slavin mozz sticks, and seeing so many Friar friends.  Woo college!  No parents!

I’ll leave you guys with one final thought.

As my friend Mike posted on my Facebook this morning… “TO THE WINDOWSSSSS, TO THE WALL!”  😉