Hello, friends!

Haven’t been blogging as much this week, still trying to get caught up on life.  For now, I’ll catch you guys up on what I’ve been doing, quickly.  Really, it’s not that interesting….


— Got served at physical therapy.
— Got fantastic news at work (still being secretive, people.  In due time…)
— Hit a crapload of traffic driving from Canton to CBC.
— Made it just in time for Cutz.  Ended class with 360 ab pulses.  Yes, 360.  Nobody is ever allowed to moan and groan in my class when I do the ab ladder.  Ever.  Again.


— Taught Circuit.  Holy full class!!!

Here’s the workout:  Warmup, Stability Ball Cardio, Sweaty Stability Ball Circuit, Hop Combo, Repeat Circuit, Floor Work, Cooldown/Stretch.  All outlined below, take and use in pieces or all together for your own workouts, and let me know if you need further explanations on any of these moves!

— After Circuit, 9-5 at work.  Anything I want to say about it I shouldn’t on my public blog.  So I won’t.  Even that is too much.  Moving on.
— After work, made a giant tuna and avocado salad wrap and headed to the mall with Trina.  Needed to do a bunch of returns because I panicked about how much money I spent in Colorado last weekend and thought that if I returned some clothes I recently purchased it would make me feel better.  But then I bought underwear.  And ran into Ashley and Bethany in Forever 21!  That was random.


— Just got in from teaching Cardio & Core at 6am this morning.  20 minutes Cutz, 20 minutes Kix, 20 minutes floor work.  Boom.  Workout done.

— Iced coffee made.  And this is where I’ll be planted all day, working from home.

— On today’s agenda, besides work items:  clean the bathroom, pay bills, meet with the new health and wellness director at the Y, maybe see an apartment later, and a grill date tonight.

Starred Links

Gotta run, but I’ll  leave you guys with some links of possible interest.  These are links I’ve starred in my Google Reader over the past couple weeks.  Thought you guys might like them too.  Enjoy!

What have you guys been up to the last couple of days?  Any links you would like to share?

Happy Friday!