Woohoo, it’s like my Friday!  I’m so happy about that I could do a little dance:

fav song

Side note:  Whenever I hear a song I like, my shoulders are the first thing to start moving.  Some people might tap their foot, some might bob their head, but not me.  I start shaking my shoulders like nobody’s business.

Steph & Brett's Wedding:  Me

Speaking of songs I like, I really enjoy ALL the songs on my new workout playlist:

May Playlist 2013

Especially number one.  I don’t think you can download it on iTunes, but you can find it on SoundCloud.  The original version of No Diggity is already good enough.  I seriously think the biggest decision of my day yesterday was whether to play this song as my 6am class intro or wait to play it somewhere in the middle.

I have problems.

For class I had two requests for an upper body and core focused workout (from Kaylin and Jen, my half marathon superstars!), so I busted out one of my favorite upper body strength workouts:

Upper Body Tabata Strength Workout

This is a Tabata style strength workout.  I do need to give credit to Best Body Bootcamp since many of these moves were taken from a workout in one of the earlier rounds.  I changed a couple of exercises from the original workout based on equipment available, and I also added 45 seconds of cardio between each set.  We did 45 seconds of toe taps after set 1, 45 seconds of [CrossFit style] burpees after set 2, and then continued alternating in that pattern.

This continues to be one of my favorite upper body workouts because I am always sore afterwards.  It takes about 45 minutes total, warm-up included.  Since there was about 15 minutes to fill before class ended this morning, I finished with some floor stuff: inner and outer thigh exercises, side planks, and stretching.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to start my day off with some cardio and give a whirl at some heavier strength for quads and hamstrings, so it was a good day to request upper body, ladies!

Do you prefer working your upper or lower body?  Do you have a favorite “go to” workout?

I used to prefer lower, but am starting to love upper body strength more and more!