Morning!  Before too much time passes, I wanted to post about my week down the Cape.  I don’t have time to do detailed recap posts day by day like I did with Colorado, so I figured I’d just share the highlights all together in one giant recap.  Here goes!

Cape Cod Vacation Week 2012


After doing a massive grocery shopping spree, we spent Monday afternoon at Seagull Beach

Then we made fun dinner #1:  Chickpea Burgers!

I also was able to squeeze in a sweaty backyard workout, and was happy I did this four times during my vaca week!

Spent Monday night in with a movie on the couch!  After the wedding craziness on Sunday, it was some much-needed couch time.


On Tuesday morning, we went on a 2.6 mile walk/hike through Nickerson Park.  I saw THREE snakes there!!  This trail was very pretty and scenic, and it looped around Cliff Pond.

By the end of our hike I was starving!  We scarfed down a packed lunch, then spent the rest of the afternoon lounging / reading / relaxing on Cliff Pond…

After a 15 minute workout we enjoyed fun dinner #2, shrimp and steak skewers with quinoa salad:

And also stuffed clams!  Was a nice little treat!  🙂

Tuesday night was spent miniature golfing at Pirate’s Cove (the best mini golf course ever!)

Even though I lost (!!!! GRRRR !!!!), it was still fun.

After mini golf?  Ice cream of course!  Doesn’t ice cream ALWAYS come after mini golf in the summertime?  Here are our GINORMOUS cones from Lil Caboose.  Vanilla twist for me, strawberry cheesecake for Tim (who actually orders that flavor!?)

Such a big cone I couldn’t even finish it!


Wednesday morning was workout #3, and then Tim made breakfast!  Scrambled cheesy eggs with strawberries, kiwi, and pineapple.  Yum.

Then spent a few hours at Bass River Beach, one of my favorites.  This is where we saw tons of fun sand castles!

Some pictures from the dock:

After we were a little sunned out, we decided to check out The Summer Shanty per my uncle’s recommendation.  Hands down, best find of the week.  A little hidden gem on the Bass River Marina, this place is AWESOME.  It’s right on the water, overlooking the boats, and you can just hang outside at their tables or even get service to the Adirondack chairs they have on the lawn.  They also have live entertainment on the weekends, including reggae on Sundays!  I loved it the second we stepped out back.  We got a couple of fun drinks and steamers and just hung out.

So pretty and relaxing!

Then on Wednesday night it was time for friends!  Slesh, Will, Trina, and Geoff came to hang out for the night.  On the agenda?

A fiesta!

Taco night all the way, full of sangria and margaritas and tons of fun food.  And bite the bag!


Fun night.  🙂


The six of us packed up and spent the day in Wellfleet.  First was more beach time at the beach by The Beachcomber.  I absolutely love the beaches in Wellfleet, the sand dunes make you feel like you are in another world!  This is the huge slope you have to climb up and down to get on the beach:

More pretty pictures from our day of fun:

After about four hours on the beach, we grabbed some drinks and apps at The Beachcomber.  Slesh and Will had to leave, but we stuck around with Trina and Geoff.


After the Beachcomber, we went into some super touristy beach shops, then decided we just had to introduce Trina and Geoff to The Summer Shanty, the bar we discovered on Wednesday.  Back we went!

Got to see the sunset!

Geoff and Trina headed out, Tim and I threw together some leftovers, and called it a pretty early night!


We decided to take a break from the beach since we had been four days in a row.  Plus, it was kind of cloudy in the morning.  Day trip to Chatham it was!  First we drove by the famous lighthouse just to snap a couple of shots and walk around the area.

That didn’t take very long, so we spent the next few hours browsing through the shops on Main Street.

They had a TON of cute little shops.  I loved them all, but my favorite was Gustare because we got to do olive oil and vinegar tastings!  So up our alley.

We bought a bottle to take home of the one we liked best, the Cranberry Pear Balsamic Vinegar.

After we finished up at the shops, we ate a picnic lunch that we packed on the common.  We thought about snagging one of the blankets people had set up for the concert on the common that night, but we settled for a grassy area under a tree instead.

After lunch we ventured over to the Chatham Bars Inn.  First we walked a bit along the beach.

Then we actually stopped at the bar.  The bar at the inn.  HOLY CLASSY AND EXPENSIVE.  It’s super nice and pretty there, and worth checking it out for the views and to say you’ve been, but let me tell you that thank God we packed our lunch because I have never spent $16 on a mojito before.

They’re lucky it was the best mango mojito I’ve had in my life.

It really is pretty there though!

Next up for our Friday day of fun was something a little more our style — free beer tasting!  We stopped by the Cape Cod Brewery to see what it was about.

It was pretty small in there, but we got to try 5 different beer samples for free.

My favorite was the Blonde Ale all the way!  We even took home a growler of it I liked it so much.

Friday night was the one night we did a full dinner out instead of cooking for ourselves or getting apps.  We decided  to eat at The Bluewater Grille, part of the Hyannis Harbor Hotel.

Perfect place for casual waterfront dining overlooking Hyannis Harbor.  I ordered the sole, which is a fish I’ve never tried before.  It was tasty, but nothing special!  I think I prefer other seafood.

After walking around the Harborfront for a bit after dinner, we called it a night!



Saturday we decided to go on another little day trip.  Introduce:  P-town!

We spent the morning walking around Commercial Street, going in and out of more shops.  Some highlights included a delicious cookie from The Nut House…

A picture of Tim with the bears (It was Bear Week!)…

And some fun on the pier.

We also had an awesome lunch at another waterfront place, Bayside Betsy’s.

We opted for indoor seating, since it was starting to get more humid.  I had the most amazing swordfish salad with pineapple mango salsa on top.  So good!

On our way back to Dennis, we accidentally detoured and ended up at the Truro Winery.  Accidentally!

For $10 we got to taste 5 wines and get a tour of the vineyards.

Fun little afternoon stop!  We also stopped at one of the scenic lookout points at Marconi Beach along the National Seashore.  So pretty there.

The rest of our night was spent making one last fun dinner (grilled chicken with grilled pineapple, corn on the cob, and a baked sweet potato):

And then getting drunk hanging on the porch with our Blonde Ale from the previous day’s growler purchase.


Sunday was our last day of vacation.  My parents came down for the day since they were using the house the following week.  We went back to Bass River Beach for the day and hung out with them.

We were very sad it was our last day!!!


Phew!!  If you made it this far, kudos to you.  This was a super long post.   Sorry.  Anyways, I’m glad I waited a week to do my recap because I think this would have been more depressing to write last week as I was suffering back at my first week in the office after vacation!  At least now I’m back into the swing of things and back into my normal schedule.  This was a super fun week, but now I’m bummed I have no vacation plans to look forward to!  Maybe I should start planning the next one.

Anyone have any fun vacation time to still look forward to this summer?  If not, were you able to take one already??

P.S.  A big thank you to my uncle for letting us use the house!!!