Here’s the last installment of my Vermont Culinary Weekend posts.  If you’ve missed any of my earlier recaps, check them out, I’ve listed them all here:

Today’s post is about the Chef’s Table dinner we attended.

Here’s a description of the Chef’s Table from the Essex Culinary Resort & Spa’s website:

“For a culinary adventure unrivaled in the region, have a seat at Chef’s Table at Amuse. Our chefs offer the finest, freshest local ingredients and create a new array of courses each and every night.  When you walk in and take your place at the open kitchen, you will have a front-row seat to view the culinary magic happen before your eyes.  Savor traditional foods in a new light, and open your palate to tastes you may never have experienced before.”

Pretty spot on.  We got to sit right in front of the chef and watch as he cooked us a seven course meal right in front of us!  We got to ask questions, relax, and taste delicious food – most of which I had never really had before, or at least hadn’t tried cooked in the ways that they were.

I was a bad blogger that night because I didn’t write down the names of everything we ate.  And now I can’t remember.  I did take pictures though!  I think that The Chef’s Table definitely should give each guest a list with the names of everything, don’t you?  I must say, this chef was awesome (way better than the one we had during the cooking class itself), but he did promise to email me the names of everything and then didn’t.  Rude.

Anyways, here are the seven courses we had!

Course 1 was all orange flavored things.  A little shot, something I forget, and that’s air in that spoon.  That’s right, air!

Course 2:  Cauliflower soup.

Course 3:  Beet salad — so good!

Course 4:  Scallops of some sort!

Course 5:  Salmon of some sort!

Course 6:  Beef of some sort!  ha, I’m really descriptive huh?

Course 7:  Dessert

Everything was so good.  I highly recommend this place for a weekend getaway – something different, something tasty, and something fun!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever eaten?

Off to Oklahoma!  Catch you guys later!