It’s SO cold in Boston this week, you guys. Cue the wambulance, I know.

Clearly my shivering all week calls for a themed workout playlist. Really, I just like any excuse to make one. These jams are sure to keep your spirits high and energy up, even if the temperatures are low!

Winter Workout Playlist

All the songs are about winter, being cold, the heat being on, drinking and having your own dance party to stay warm… you get the idea. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a huge loser, but that’s what makes my classes fun (I think, anyways). This playlist starts out pretty upbeat, but then gets slower and more mellow by the end. You’ll likely be ready for some floor work or a nice stretch by then anyways.

Here’s the workout I taught in class to this playlist on Tuesday:

Warm Right Up Winter Workout

I didn’t think this format was anything spectacular (a pretty standard “go to” for me), but multiple people after class asked me if I could post it because they enjoyed it so much. I guess you never know what workouts will be crowd pleasers or not!

How are you guys keeping warm this week?