Good morning, friends.  Can you believe that it’s Thanksgiving week already?  Seriously, where has November even gone? 

A couple of things from my weekend:

Friday night Katrina and Geoff came over for dinner.  Tim and I put together a little pizza party at the last-minute, since it was a last-minute decision to get together.

One pizza was this chicken burrito pizza, and the other was a random veggie assortment (mushrooms, red pepp, artichoke).  They were both good, but the chicken burrito takes the cake.  Hands down.

Saturday morning Tim & I headed to the gym for a little sweat sesh.  I did 25 minutes on the elliptical that first consisted of a 5 minute warmup at resistance 6.  Then I did five rounds forward of 30 seconds fast at resistance 8, 30 seconds sprinting at resistance 10, and a 30 second recovery back at resistance 6.  Then I repeated the same five rounds, but going backward.  Finished up with a little cooldown, and I kept the incline at 10 the whole time.  After my cardio, I busted out some strength stuff that I adapted from Best Body Bootcamp.

Did each strength move as a ladder format (5 reps, 6 reps, 7 reps, 8 reps, 9 reps, 10 reps) and threw in 10 burpees between each strength move.  I finished up with three rounds of an ab circuit (flutter kicks, Russian twists, scissors) and called it a day.

The rest of my Saturday was spent doing errands and cleaning, and then Saturday night was dinner with my family at Redbones in Somerville to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  Not a huge BBQ fan, but I tried to keep it as healthy as possible.  Ordered wood grilled chicken with a side salad.  It came with mashed potatoes, but I only ate a few bites.  Bad blogger = no pictures.

Finally, Sunday Tim and I hosted again!  This time it was a little “Friendsgiving.”

Unfortunately not all the friends we wanted to be there could make it, but we had a great time with Slesh & Will and Mastro & Steve.  More on Friendsgiving later.

For now, Weekly Workouts!

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Horizontal Conditioning at Boston Mania
  • Monday:  Off to rest my body after the fitness convention all weekend
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day!  Liz’s Kickboxing, then taught the isometric hold workout from Best Body Bootcamp in my Circuit class
  • Wednesday:  Off
  • Thursday:  Taught a ladder workout from BBB  in Circuit class
  • Friday:  Short home workout
  • Saturday:  See above!  Elliptical, strength, core

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:   Cardio & Core with Emily (finally made it to this Sunday class, yay!)
  • Monday:  Something TBD on my own, then teaching Dynamax
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day!  Liz’s Kickboxing, then teaching my Circuit
  • Wednesday:  Subbing Spin in the morning.  6 AM folks, come ride!
  • Thursday: Teaching “Turkey Trim & Tone” before Thanksgiving Feast
  • Friday:  Off or TBD
  • Saturday:  Off or TBD

I purposely agreed to teach so many classes this week because I know motivation can wane during holiday season.  I would love to see some familiar faces in class this week.  I am also planning to make an “Idols” playlist for Thanksgiving morning.  MJ, Madonna, Whitney, Janet, etc.  Does anybody have any suggestions for any rockin’ songs to use?

How do holidays affect your workouts?  What’s your workout plan for Thanksgiving week? 

Hope everyone’s Monday is off to a great start.