And we’re back into the grind of another week.  At least this is a short one and it’s already Tuesday!  If you splurged over the long weekend, don’t dwell and feel guilty about it.  You don’t need to let treating yourself completely derail your healthy lifestyle.  Just use today to get back on track!

Weekly Eats

Here are some of the meals I enjoyed last week:

Aside from my cottage cheese affair, scrambled egg messes and Trader Joe’s vanilla bean yogurt with strawberries were at the top of the list.

Scrambled eggs

Trader Joe's Vanilla Bean

On Sunday I prepped two giant salads that held both Tim and I through Thursday.  First was cucumber and black-eyed pea salad, one of my tried and true favorites.

Cucumber and Black Eyed Pea Salad

The other was lemon asparagus quinoa.  We had a ton of asparagus to use up!

Lemon asparagus quinoa

Friday’s lunch was some leftover homemade pizza from last Saturday – we are lucky it was still good to eat!  Was so satisfying after our heavy lifting gym date.



Sunday neither of us were feeling all that hungry, so we just had some simple steak tip salads.

Steak tip salad

Barley and veggie stuffed peppers were inhaled enjoyed on Monday and Tuesday night!

Barley and veggie stuffed peppers

Last week my friend Ashley tweeted that her and her fiancée were eating Tim’s spinach and feta stuffed chicken recipe, and I realized that we haven’t had this meal in SO LONG.  It went straight to the meal plan for Wednesday dinner!  With a side of baked sweet potato fries.

Spinach and feta stuffed chicken

Thursday and Friday dinners were both meals out.  Check out this awesome swordfish dinner I ordered at Fiorella’s on Thursday.  Seared swordfish on a bed of citrus arugula topped with eggplant caponata and served with risotto.  I have REALLY been slacking on my 1/3 rule lately because I also had a couple bread sticks, a glass of red wine, and a bite of flourless chocolate cake.

Fiorella's Swordfish

Friday was dinner at the Moroccan restaurant I mentioned in yesterday’s post.  I had never tried Moroccan food before.  It was really good.  A little spicy, but I could actually handle it.  I ordered the marrakech salad for an appetizer – Moroccan eggplant, feta cheese, cucumber, and cherry tomato.  I chose tagine salmon for the main course.  Loved both.

Marrakech Salad

Tagine Salmon

Finally Saturday’s dinner was delicious and Greek, but I forgot to snap a pic!  Oh well.

This week’s meal plan is pretty basic, which usually happens after catching up from a long weekend.  Tonight will be a grilled chicken salad concoction.  Tomorrow I’m working in Fall River and visiting family after work, so nothing to prep.  And Thursday is girls night!  I’m keeping lunches simple with more cucumber and black eyed pea salads.

Did you splurge over the weekend?  How do you try to make mindful choices when going out to eat?  Best meal you ate last week?  What’s something you’re craving this week?