Hi everyone, time for my Weekly Eats post!

The absolute highlight of all food related things last week was the free Chobani I received to my front door on Wednesday!

chobaniMy friends at Chobani sent me this sample package to try out some of their new flavors.  So thrilling!  I am OBSESSED with coconut and apricot.  Blackberry is a close runner-up.  Tim is loving orange vanilla and says it tastes like a creamsicle!  Thank you, Chobani, for your generous delivery!  A happy dance may or may not have been done more than once.

Another highlight from last week was the food I ate at my company picnic.  I think I did a pretty good job keeping things healthy despite all the options at my disposal.  I started out with a bowl of fruit, and then I pretty much stuck to seafood: oysters, mussels, lobster.  My treats for the day included sharing fried dough with some of my girlfriends and enjoying some adult bevvies!

PicnicAside from those highlights, we ate two main lunches last week.

First up was a southwestern sweet potato salad:

Southwestern Sweet Potato Salad

And the second was a lemon chicken farro salad:

Lemon Chicken Farro Salad

And here’s what our dinner breakdown looked like:

SundayLazy post-vacation dinner – Whole Foods personal pizza

Whole Foods Pizza

Monday & Tuesday
Breakfast for dinner with a veggie frittata

Veggie Frittata

Honestly I was drowning in things to catch up on and I scarfed down a peanut butter sandwich on a multi-grain sandwich thin at like 10pm.  Oy.  Seriously if you were trying to be in touch with me last week via any form of contact, I’m sorry.  And for the record, I had a headache for about three days straight because I didn’t eat a filling enough dinner and because I ate it so much later than my workout ended.  Not good!

Thursday & Friday
Back on track with grilled chicken and grilled peach salads.

Grilled Chicken and Grilled Peach Salad

Leftover lobster from our picnic!  Tim and Joe whipped up this lobster salad for lobster rolls while Cate and I drank wine outside and talked about girl things.  I think we could get used to that!

lobster rolls

What was the highlight of your food choices last week?  Has anyone tried the new Chobani flavors?  What’s your favorite?

Don’t forget to continue to share pics, tweets, etc. about your plank workouts!  Once you give it a whirl, post the following on your favorite form of social media:

“I tried the 5 minute plank workout from @FitnessandFeta.  #StartSomewhere #Motivation #FitnessandFeta #PlankChallenge”

Can’t wait to see who else is rocking their planks this week!  Anyone try a plank for the first time?!