Hey, hey, hey.

Last week I opened my first birthday present! It was from Dawn at work, and it was food related.  Clearly it needed to make it into my Weekly Eats post.

Dawn's Birthday Present

Organic Spanish red wine (can’t wait to drink this), organic blue agave from Trader Joe’s (can’t wait to bake with this), and Dawn’s homemade trail mix (can’t wait ate this already).  Thank you, Dawn, for my fun treats!

We nicknamed the rest of last week “The Week of Salads.”  That probably sounds super boring, but hey, not every week can be super exciting.  Plus there were a couple of new recipes in the mix.  I can’t remember the exact days of when we ate what, but here was our line up:

Grilled shrimp “nicoise” salad…

Grilled Shrimp Nicoise Salad

Grilled eggplant and tomato salad with feta…

Eggplant and Tomato Salad

Tuna salad…

Tuna on Salad

Whole Foods salad buckets made it into the lineup too.  Does anyone else feel like when they go to the Whole Foods salad bar they end up with the most random stuff just thrown together?  That’s why I call them buckets.

Whole Foods Salad

Whole Foods Salad

Anyways, one of the salads was from a dinner date with some of the gym gals after last week’s free CrossFit class.  The other is from when I went back on Friday before going out with my home friends.  Normally I don’t buy so much food out during the week, but unfortunately our planned chicken meal for the end of the week didn’t end up happening because our chicken went bad.  And we just didn’t feel like heading out to get more.

The chicken going bad also spurred a spontaneous dinner date at Fiorella’s on Thursday night.  Fiorella’s caprese salad, how I love you.  (Jess Dock! I always think of you when I eat this.)

Fiorella's Caprese Salad

I also ordered lemon chicken that night, but didn’t snap a pic.  That’s about it for noteworthy eats last week!

This week our meal plan is looking something like this:


  • Sunday – Farro stuffed patty pan squash
  • Monday – Repeat of the grilled shrimp nicoise salad
  • Tuesday – Leftover shrimp salad
  • Wednesday – White eggplant over wheat pasta with tomato sauce
  • Thursday – Out to dinner with Slesh
  • Friday – Either quinoa or dinner somewhere before birthday outing with friends
  • Saturday – Birthday dinner with Tim


  • Sunday – SOWA Open Market deliciousness
  • Monday – Random salad with leftover ingredients from the fridge
  • Tuesday – Leftover farro and veggies from Monday’s patty pan squash
  • Wednesday – Southwestern sweet potato salad
  • Thursday – Leftover sweet potato salad
  • Friday – have the day off, TBD
  • Saturday – birthday TBD

Can’t wait to recap our experience at SOWA Open Market for you guys!

What’s the best salad you’ve eaten lately?  Any Whole Foods salad bar junkies out there?  Anything exciting on your meal plan this week?