Hope you guys are having a great Sunday! This morning I caught up with my girlfriends from home for a fun brunch, but I’ve been cooped up studying for the rest of the day. It’s crunch time for my wellness coaching written exam… more on that later.

Before we get into a new week, I wanted to regroup on how last week’s workouts went and make a plan for this week.

Last week’s workouts

20 minutes steady state elliptical + two upper body mini circuits (3x each). First was dumbbell chest fly, assisted pull-ups, and lying dumbbell overhead triceps extensions. Second was barbell chest press, underhand barbell rows, and alternating dumbbell hammer curls. Did a 60 second bosu elbow plank in between the circuits and finished up with my weight room ab circuit.

Decline Bench Situps

Tim and I took Lauren’s spin class, and then I subbed for Nicole’s 10am Cardio Ball class. I taught four rounds of mini circuits (2x each), and each grouping consisted of one lower body, one upper body, and one core focused exercise – all with the stability ball. In between mini circuits, we did cardio blasts using the stability ball as well. Really fun!

Off day. Normally it’s Two A Day Tuesday day, but I lined up a sub months ago so that I could go to the PC vs. Nova game down in Providence with my family that night. Unfortunately the snow and the amount of work I had to do this week got in the way, and we didn’t end up making it.

Subbed for Kim’s 6:30pm Lower Body Express class (30 minutes), and I taught a ton of barre inspired lower body stuff. My glutes were definitely feeling it the next day! I also subbed for the 7:15pm Interval Training class, and it was SWEATY! I taught a go to format of mine: 10 reps of a strength move followed by 20 seconds of a cardio blast move, 4 times through of each of the five groupings. We finished up with some floor work and called it a night!

Taught my 6am class with my favorite upper body Tabata workout.


Legs day with row tabata cardio bursts in between supersets

This week’s workout plan

  • Sunday: 20 minutes steady state elliptical + upper body post fatigue sets
  • Monday: Spin class
  • Tuesday: Subbing Lauren’s 6pm Burn & Build class, then teaching my 7:30 Interval Training class
  • Wednesday: Maybe a yoga class at Inner Strength with some of the gym girls? If not, then likely a rest day
  • Thursday: Teaching 6am
  • Friday: TBD or off
  • Saturday: Lifting

–Let’s chat–
What fitness goals have you been working on? What was your best workout last week? Worst? What’s on tap for the week ahead? If you want me to post any of the workouts above, let me know!