Good morning! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine consisted of two gym friend gatherings (both with REALLY good food), a great Saturday morning run, some beach time with my friend Shannon, my friend Cristin’s bridal shower, and catching up with some family last night. That all might sound really busy, but it didn’t feel that way. The more relaxed pace of the last few days was definitely welcomed.

To get into the swing of the week, let’s talk workouts. Here’s how last week looked in fitness for me:

Active rest. Walked around a park with my family for Father’s Day

Father's Day 2014

Strength workout that left me feeling awesome after the negativity I talked about last week.

Post Workout Picture

Taught/did my 6am class with two different pyramid sets, one for upper body and one for lower body. Both included ab work. I was supposed to sub for Liz’s Kickboxing class, but a few things came up so I didn’t end up teaching at night. Big thanks to Amy for stepping in at the last minute!

Rest day

Taught the baseball diamond bootcamp workout that I posted last week. After I taught outside, I did a strength workout of my own and finished with a “sprint” on the rowing machine.

Baseball Diamond Bootcamp Workout

Subbed the 6am cycle and core class. I need to get to the gym on Friday mornings more often. This left me so energized for my work from home day.

Woke up early and went on a peaceful three-mile morning run. Felt great!


Here’s what I’m thinking this week’s workout plan will be:

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Strength training workout + cardio finisher
  • Tuesday: Teaching my 6am class. Format requests, anyone?
  • Wednesday: Depending on how the week goes, I want to try to get to spin class or do some outdoor cardio somewhere.
  • Thursday: Teaching my 6am class. I’m trying to decide whether I should teach an outdoor bootcamp style again or not. Thoughts? Thursday night I’m participating in a New Balance fitness event that I’m very excited for, but I can’t decide whether to double up or not.
  • Friday: Subbing 6am cycle and core again. Hope to see some familiar faces in the crowd!
  • Saturday: TBD. If Wednesday was a rest day, then I’ll do a morning workout. If not, I may rest Saturday instead. We’ll see how I feel!

Other goals this week include still working on sleep and trying to take a thirty minute walk during the day at work.

–Let’s chat–
What did you guys do this weekend? Were your weekends busy or relaxed? Tell me about your best workout last week, what’s on deck for fitness this week, or a healthy living goal of yours that you are working on

Before I go, here’s a funny link to start your week: 23 words that mean something totally different when you’re in a long term relationship. <—Hilarious!