Last week:

Last week’s workouts started and ended strong, but were frustrating in the middle because of my ankle acting up.

20 minutes elliptical + upper body pyramid sets + medicine ball ab circuit

medicine ball circuit

Ed’s endurance themed spin class

Two A Day failure. I tried Kickboxing but modified the jumping. Then in my class I kind of half taught/half did the Tabata stations from this workout with the group. My ankle hurt the next day, so I know I jumped back into things too soon. I loved the workout I taught though, and we finished with fun team abs exercises.

Group Ab Exercise


Taught my class in the morning — did all the strength components along with them, but modified the 5 minute cardio bursts in between our upper and lower body sets.


This leg workout, but with the isometric holds after the main strength exercises for extra burn. I finished this off with some rowing: 800 meters > 10 wall balls > 600 meters > 20 wall balls > 400 meters > 30 wall balls > 200 meters > faceplant. I was dead by the end.

My workout plan for this week:

  • Sunday: Low impact cardio + upper body strength
  • Monday: I’m going to try for spin class
  • Tuesday: Own strength workout before teaching my 7:30 class (sorry Liz)
  • Wednesday: Off, even though I really want to try a new boxing class with my gym friends! Another time. 🙁
  • Thursday: Teaching my class in the morning, format TBD. Depending on whether I join in, I may go back at night for my own.
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: MMA Fighter Fit certification all day

Feel free to log your workouts from last week or fitness plans in the comments!