Hello, Monday…

First things first.  Happy birthday to my friend Shannon!

Next.  Does anyone else feel that they really could have used an extra catch-up day this weekend?  I definitely do.  That being said, I’m just checking in with my Weekly Workouts post.  Then I gotta get cracking on this week’s to do’s!

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts
Last week I only worked out 4 days instead of my usual 5 or 6.  Like I mentioned yesterday, since my weekend was jam-packed with things to do, I took the weekend off from fitness to give my body a mini break! 

Sunday:  Off

Monday:  30 minute elliptical intervals + 3 rounds of the standing abs workout from my 31 Day Abs Challenge + a 2 minute plank.

30 Minute Elliptical Intervals

Sunday Circuit - Standing Abs

Tuesday:  Kickboxing + taught a 3-2-1 bodyweight workout

3-2-1 bodyweight workout

Wednesday:  Off

Thursday:  Taught a drop set dumbbell workout

Drop Set Dumbbell Workout

Friday:  Did a 20 minute at home workout.  I made up a 6 minute cardio/abs circuit and repeated it three times.  The extra two minutes allow for transition time + stretching at the end.

6 Minute Cardio & Abs

Saturday:  Off

This Week’s Workouts

If you have requests for classes this week (songs or moves), get them in today!

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday:  Long cardio sesh + abs
  • Tuesday:  One A Day this week… can only teach my class.  Sorry Liz!
  • Wednesday:  Active rest?  Or off.
  • Thursday:  Teaching my class
  • Friday:  Cardio + abs
  • Saturday:  Deck of cards workout

How did your workouts last week go?  What’s on this week’s agenda?  When’s the last time you gave your body some rest?

Hope everyone’s weeks are off to a great start!