Greetings from Atlanta!

If you missed my post this morning, you must click here for details on my April Arms Challenge and how to sign up.  I can’t wait to go through my emails later (said no one ever), but I actually mean that today.  I hope a lot of you will sign up!  It’s free and a great way to get some extra motivation.

Anyways, just checking in with my Weekly Workouts post.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Active rest — day of errands and shopping!
  • Monday:  40 minutes of cardio intervals on the elliptical, followed by my core pyramid work
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day Tuesday!  1 hour of Kickboxing with Liz, followed by teaching a superset workout in my Interval class.  Including pyramid pushups at the end!
  • Wednesday:  Off
  • Thursday:  Taught an old school format class (to an old school playlist).  Lots of partner and across the floor stuff that left us sweaty and our legs shaking!
  • Friday:  Two hours of Zumba at the Zumba Party at the Y!
  • Saturday:  Off.  Originally I had a morning workout planned, but my body was feeling exhausted from all the hours I worked last week and I was so sore from Zumba since my body isn’t used to it!  I gave myself an extra rest day, figuring two hours on Friday could equal my usual one hour on Friday and one hour on Saturday.

Zumba Party

This Week’s Workouts

Just because I’m on the road this week doesn’t mean I’m forgetting about fitness!  It just means I can’t necessarily plan everything out as much to a T.  Here’s a general idea of what I’m thinking for this week.

  • Sunday:  20 minutes of sprints on the spin bike + 6 different upper body Tabatas
  • Monday:  Longer carder intervals + core work after we check in to the hotel and get situated
  • Tuesday:  15-20 minutes of cardio + lower body Tabatas?  Maybe deck of cards instead?
  • Wednesday:  TBD or an off day
  • Thursday:  Resistance band workout?  I packed one just in case!
  • Friday:  Off – I’m assuming I’ll be tired by end of week and will want the extra time in the morning to get my things together for our flight home
  • Saturday:  If I’m up in time, will try to make it to Monique’s Kickboxing class at the Y.  Otherwise, TBD!

What’s on your workout agenda this week?  Do you plan your workouts for travel weeks?