Monday morning after a Sunday holiday usually means that I’m feeling a bit blah.  This holds true today, as I’m feeling SO overly full from all the food I’ve eaten in the past few days.  I’m also feeling a bit scattered, since Greek Easter took priority yesterday over my Sunday relaxing and prepping for the week.  I’m hoping to get caught up on my life and feel a little more “in my routine” over the next couple of days!  Monday morning after a Sunday holiday also means I’m feeling more motivated with my workouts and eating.  Let’s talk fitness for now.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

Active rest… more walking around North Conway!

North Conway

1 hour walking meeting at work + blogger fitness class at The Studio Empower with trainer Sebastien Lagree.  Full recap post coming soon, but my legs were sore for days from this one!

The Studio Empower

Three A Day Tuesday?  Taught 20 horrifying minutes of barefoot Zumba, took Liz’s Kickboxing class, then taught a stations workout for my class.

Stations Workout

Active rest day.  Did 30 minutes of walking at work… it was such a beautiful day out!


Taught my class with a format inspired by this workout of Monique’s!

3 mile run outside + two rounds of this ab routine

10 Minute Ab Attack

2 mile run outside + upper body strength Tabata (shoulder is feeling good!)

This Week’s Workouts

Here’s what’s on tap for this week:

  • Sunday:  Active rest — went for a 35 minute walk around my grandfather’s neighborhood for Greek Easter
  • Monday:  Still deciding what my workout is going to be tonight.  Probably going to shoot for some H.I.I.T cardio and ab work.
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day Tuesday!  Y folks + local readers, Liz and I are running a back to back theme class in honor of Cinco De Mayo!  Remember when we did our super fun Cinco De Mayo theme classes last year?  Anyone that comes to both classes gets a small prize, so you should come to our fiesta!  I can get anyone a guest pass that needs it.
  • Wednesday:  Off or cardio
  • Thursday:  Teaching my 6am class
  • Friday:  Deck of cards, or a run?
  • Saturday:  Class at The Studio Empower?  For those of you who purchased those classes last week, anyone want to take class Saturday morning?  If I don’t take class, will have a sweat sesh of my own and likely do a lot of strength work.

What about you guys?  What was your best workout last week?  Anybody try anything new?  What’s on the agenda for this week?

Hope everyone’s week is off to a happy start!