Good morning, everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Here’s a quick recap of mine:

On Friday night, Tim and I enjoyed a low-key dinner outside on our new bistro table before heading to The Gaff on Moody Street for a few beers.  On Saturday, Jen and I took an early class at The Studio Empower, and just like last time my legs were shaking throughout the entire workout.  Saturday was pretty rainy, which meant it was the perfect day to do my winter/summer clothes swap and a lot of organizing.  By the time Saturday night rolled around, I was ready to get out of the house, so Tim and I met Geoff and Trina for dinner at The Brickhouse Cafe in Dedham.  Finally, yesterday was spent celebrating Georgia on Mother’s Day – you can catch my recap post here if you missed it last night.

And now we’re underway with another week, which means it’s time for my weekly workouts post.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

I finally feel like I’m fully back into my workout groove.  It took a few weeks after my full rest week to be back into it physically and mentally… but I’m back in both ways and couldn’t be happier about it!

Active rest:  30 minute walk between dinner and dessert on Easter

I was in the mood for some serious cardio time, but NOT in the mood to be on a machine forever.  I ended up throwing together a little cardio medley: 20 minutes of steady state on the elliptical > 15 minutes of sprints on the spin bike > eight minutes of jump rope Tabata > 60 seconds of burpees.  Finished it off with some serious hip stretching and foam rolling (aka creepin’ on Monique‘s class!).  Extra on Monday included a 20 minute walking meeting + abs at lunch in the gym with Dawn.

Two A Day Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo style!  1 hour of Kickboxing, followed by my class that focused on balance and unilateral training.

Cinco De Mayo Workout Class

Active rest: 30 minute walk at work.  We got caught in the rain!

Taught my class with this countdown style workout:

Countdown + Cardio Workout

It was a very sweaty one!

I worked from home on Friday and used my lunch break to work out.  I went for a very sweaty 2.25 mile run, then did a little circuit of upper body and ab work.  Topped this one off with lots of stretching/foam rolling as well.

Friday Run

My second class at The Studio Empower!

The Studio Empower

This Week’s Workouts

Here’s the “plan” for this week.  I use the word plan loosely, because I don’t have a lot definitely planned out yet!

  • Sunday:  Active rest – walk around Castle Island for Mother’s Day
  • Monday:  Cardio + core work
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day for Kickboxing and then teaching my class, style TBD
  • Wednesday:  Cardio + core work
  • Thursday:  Teaching my class, style TBD
  • Friday:  Deck of cards?  We’ll see!
  • Saturday:  Probably going to take Saturday as an active rest day since I want to feel ready for the Wellness by the Water retreat on Sunday!

How did your workouts go last week?  Did any workout in particular leave you really sore?  What’s in store for this week?  Anyone working toward any goals in particular?