Tuesday morning after a long weekend.  Worst.

I have lots of weekend recapping to do, and lots of new recipes coming for you guys, but I decided to take the weekend off from email, the computer, and blogging.  Hence no posting yesterday, and no substantial post today.  Sorry!  But not really, because it was quite nice.

For now, my weekly workouts post.  And I promise to be back later.

Last Week’s Workouts

Sunday:  Off
Monday:  30 Minute Cycle + 20 Minute Core Strength
Tuesday:  Two A Day Tuesday (Kickboxing + Taught the “Let’s Do Lots of Stuff” Circuit)
Wednesday:  Two A Day Wednesday (Cutz + Kix at CBC)
Thursday:  Taught Circuit
Friday:  Hour of Power at Prana Power Yoga
Saturday:  Off

This Week’s Workouts

This week’s workout plan is looking a little iffy as of now.  What I thought was a really tight hip flexor last week is still bothering me.  I’m not sure if I strained something, but it’s kind of scaring me.  I may have to take it easy this week, which I am NOT pleased about, but I guess I need to take my own advice and listen to my body and honor my injuries. 

Sunday:  Long Walk
Monday:  Long Walk
Tuesday:  Maybe kickboxing + teaching Circuit
Wednesday:  Yoga
Thursday:  Teaching Circuit
Friday:  Teaching Cardio + Core
Saturday:  Off

I know that looks like I’m still doing a lot, but how much I actually teach versus do will depend on the hip.


Was anyone able to squeeze in any Memorial Day Weekend workouts?  If not a gym workout, were you able to stay active in any way?  What’s up for this week?  Anyone know anything about hip pain?