Ha-Ha it’s Monday for you guys but doesn’t feel like one for me!

Sorry, that was just mean.

I’m enjoying up the last few hours I have in Colorado — seriously, this weekend went by WAY too fast, then heading back home later today.

In the meantime, let’s talk Weekly Workouts!

Last Week’s Workouts

Sunday:  1.5 mile walk
Monday:  15 minutes on the bike + taught 20 minutes of Core Strength
Tuesday:  1 hour of Kickboxing (more like 45 minutes since I had to duck out early) + taught this Circuit class
Wednesday:  Physical therapy, seriously it’s counting as my workout.  10 minutes on the elliptical + a crap ton of lower body moves + plyometrics.
Thursday:  Taught this Circuit class
Friday:  Off
Saturday: Lots of walking around Colorado — details to come!

This Week’s Workouts

Sunday:  Lots of walking around Colorado — details to come!
Monday:  Off
Tuesday:  1 hour of Kickboxing + teaching Circuit class (this week I’m doing a Michael Jackson tribute theme!)
Wednesday:  Physical therapy in the am, evening workout TBD depending on the morning
Thursday:  Teaching Circuit — again, using the Michael Jackson tribute
Friday:  Teaching Cardio & Core — this is one of our newer classes at the Y — come!  Combo of Cutz, Kix, and floor work.
Saturday:  TBD in the morning before Sarah’s wedding, or off 🙂

By the way, my gym is still offering anybody (attention non-members!) three free guest passes that can be used at any time during the month of June.  If this interests you or you’d like to come try out one of my classes (as you can see I’m teaching 3 times this week), or some of my fellow instructors’ amazing classes, please come!  We’d love to have you!  Or for those of you that already come, bring a friend!

Eh?  Eh?  **Elbow Nudge**

Feel free to contact me for more details!!

 How was everyone’s weekend?  How did last week’s workouts go?  Did anybody have a really good workout they’d like to share?  Anyone sore from any of my classes?  What’s up for this week?