Lots going on, hence the “a day late” addition to my weekly workouts title.

First, Ashley and Bret’s wedding this weekend was just perfect.  Beautiful weather, beautiful bride, fun new friends, and pretty much the nicest two families ever.  And I got to see Erica and Chris and Erica’s parents in between all the wedding fun.  And try paddle-boarding for the first time.  I will recap all that later, but seriously – awesome wedding.  So happy for my friends, and so happy to be a part of it.

Ashley & Bret's Wedding

Here’s the rest of the lots:

  • Tim and I spent a couple of hours in the emergency room on Sunday night once we got home.  Some details are simply not meant to be shared via such a public forum, but just know that we are both okay (promise).  A somewhat stressful week is ensuing, but it’s more because of my Type A issues and my schedule being completely thrown off than anything else.  When things like this happen, I tend to throw myself into the small trivial things to stay distracted.  Of course the dishes in the sink and the undone food prep aren’t nearly as important (not even close), but I make them bigger in my mind than they need to be.  I have problems.
  • Effective yesterday, I am no longer the Group Exercise Coordinator for the Oak Square YMCA.  My feelings?  Relieved.
  • My Wellcoaches class that I’m auditing also started yesterday (I really don’t miss a beat, huh?).   The curriculum has changed a bit, but in a good way, because I think this time around I will be much more accountable with some of the partner and small group work components.  I also think it will be great for networking because of how many people are involved with worksite wellness.
  • Speaking of work(site wellness), work. has. been. CRAZY.  It’s all good though.
  • Congrats to my brother who got a raise and a promotion at his job this week, and congrats to my sister who got a job this week.

Moving on to my Monday, errr, Tuesday… motivation for you.
Side note – Do you guys like my Weekly Workouts posts?  Do they actually help keep anyone on track?  Just playing around with a few new blog ideas and wondering what your opinion is.  Keep them? Chuck them?

Here you go.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

The birthday recovery workout I posted about here.  Eight move sweaty circuit (with cardio in between) for the win!

Eight Move Sweaty Circuit

2 mile outdoor run + core strength circuit work in the living room

1 hour of Kickboxing in Liz’s class, followed by my total body Tabata workout.  This workout left me super sore!

Rest.  Scratch that.  Negative workout.  In fact, I sat on my ass for 12 hours straight.  I don’t think I even peed that day.


Taught another total body Tabata workout in my Thursday class.  This workout left me even more sore than Tuesday!

I tried to go for a run.  Honestly, clothes were on and I did hit the pavement.  I ran a bit, but my abs were SO SORE from Thursday’s workout that every time my feet hit the ground in my stride, I could feel the soreness shooting up my stomach.  My planned running workout turned into a 30 minute power walk instead.  Better than nothing, and I’m proud of myself for listening to my body.


This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  30 minute at home no equipment workout (cardio and strength stuff)
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day
  • Wednesday:  Off or a quick run
  • Thursday:  TBD — Aloisia is subbing my class in the morning, so I might try to make Lauren’s 6pm class?  It’s really going to depend on how the events of the day go.
  • Friday:  Hoping for a solid cardio interval workout + core strength
  • Saturday:  Kickboxing?  Studio Empower?  At home strength workout?  Deck of cards?  Suggestions?

As you can probably tell from the tone of this post, I’m feeling a bit off this week!  Hoping to be back *on* tomorrow.  I have lots of good things coming your way soon – a couple new recipes, a couple new workouts, a “what’s in my cabinet” post, some recaps, playlist recommendations, and more.  Oh yeah!  And my fall fitness challenge deets in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned, friends!