Good morning!  Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend.  I had a great birthday weekend, but I’m saving my recapping for later in the week after I’ve had a chance to celebrate with my family too.  Thank you to everyone who sent along all the wonderful birthday wishes, cards/gifts, and helped celebrate with me – I appreciate all of you!

This is a short week for me since I had yesterday off and I’m working from home on Friday, but as you guys know, I still like to map out my workouts for the week.  Gotta stay on track!

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

2 mile outdoor run + core strength

At home workout!  20 minutes of kickboxing + push strength splits + push/pull ab circuit

Morning at home workout since I skipped teaching to go to the Red Sox game.  I did a 2 mile outdoor run + pull strength splits + the same push/pull ab circuit from Monday.

Push/Pull Splits

The last free CrossFit class at City Sports in Legacy Place.  The workout was actually a deck of cards workout!

Deck of Cards

At first I thought this wouldn’t be hard but boy was I wrong.  This workout was way harder than it looked!  They also had a rowing machine last week and would call each class participant one at a time to do a 250 meter row in the middle of the deck of cards.  I wish this CrossFit box was closer so I could sign up – it’s just not that feasible for me!

Taught a countdown workout in my 6am class.  We started with 10 reps of each move in each superset, then did 9, 8, and so forth… only to end with 10 instead of 1.  Evil, I know.  In between each superset, the class did 45 seconds of burpees and held a 60 second plank.

Active rest – 3 mile walk around Fresh Pond Reservoir with Tim.

Fresh Pond Reservoir


This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday – Circuit workout 3x through with 10 minutes of cardio between each round
  • Monday – Outdoor run + core strength circuit
  • Tuesday – Two A Day: Kickboxing, then teaching total body Tabata strength in my class
  • Wednesday – Active rest
  • Thursday – Teaching another total body Tabata strength workout (different than Tuesday)
  • Friday – Morning or lunch workout TBD before heading to Rhode Island for Ashley’s wedding weekend!
  • Saturday – Off, unless there’s a change of heart about pre-wedding beach bootcamp! 😉

What’s something fun you did this weekend? What’s on the workout agenda for the short week?