I am really bumming that it’s Monday.  Tim and I had such a great time in New Hampshire, and I really didn’t want the weekend to end.  I’m just glad I have three fun events this week that are making this Monday bearable (blogger fitness event tonight, Jillian Michaels on Wednesday, Wallingford roomie wine and cheese night on Thursday).  I’ll be posting a weekend recap, but for now let’s talk Weekly Workouts.  After splurging all weekend, it’s time to get back on track!

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week was my first week “back at it” after my week of rest.  I put “back at it” in quotes because while I did have some good workouts and it felt good to be back at the gym, I still was taking it easy, especially on my upper body.  I still didn’t do any pushups/chest work, and I used lighter weights than normal.  My shoulder is feeling better so I think I made the right decisions.  Another observation I made after taking 7 days of rest was that it took my body a few days to “adjust” being back into things.  I wasn’t as gung-ho and excited as I thought I would be?  Either way, here’s what last week looked like:

Sunday:  Headed to the Y and did 40 minutes on the elliptical, 3 rounds of Tina’s lower body burner, and 2 rounds of Best Body Bootcamp core work

MondayAt home workout!  Did two rounds of the same jump rope & core workout I did a couple of weeks ago.  I also added in some light upper body exercises to strengthen my shoulder and lots of stretching.

15 minute jump rope & ab circuit

Tuesday:  Taught my class with a mini circuits theme.  Each “round” consisted of one cardio move, one compound strength move, and one core move.  The entire class incorporated stability ball exercises, until the end when I had everyone finish with partner work.

Wednesday:  Was the first warm spring day in a while!  I was craving fun colors and being outside.  I threw on my new Reebok t-shirt and blue capris and went for a light run around the neighborhood.  My run ended up being around 2.5 miles, but it really was a very light jog – my legs were very sore from the beginning of the week!

Reebok Tee

Thursday:  Taught my Circuit class with a 3-2-1 style total body workout.

3-2-1 Style Interval Workout

Friday:  Off day.  I went for another sports massage on Thursday night (I might be addicted now), and my massage therapist did a TON of trigger point work on my back, neck, and shoulders.  She said I would be sore the next day and recommended not working out.  So I didn’t.  I went out for pizza instead.  🙂

Saturday:  Lots of walking, exploring, hiking, etc. in New Hampshire!

North Conway - Boulder Loop Trail

This Week’s Workouts

Here’s the plan (at least for now!) for this week:

  • Sunday:  More walking around NH – my legs are sore!
  • Monday:  I am SO excited for my workout tonight.  I was invited to try a class at The Studio Empower in Newton with trainer Sebastian Lagree.  I’ve never done a workout on machines like the Megaformer M3’s, so I’m excited to try something different.
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day is up in the air depending on how my shoulder is feeling.  I may try to give it one more week before returning, but I’ll definitely be there next week for Cinco De Mayo theme classes!  Either way, I’ll be teaching my interval class at 7:30.
  • Wednesday:  I took a half vacation day for Jillian Michaels, so I am going to try to do a quick cardio session after I leave work.  If not, then it will be a rest day.
  • Thursday:  Teaching my interval class.
  • Friday:  Off or TBD
  • Saturday:  Off or TBD, depending if I do a workout on Friday.

How did last week’s workouts go for you?  What’s in store for this week?  Anyone taking advantage of the nicer weather for their workouts?  Has anyone done a Pilates workout on the Megaformers before?

I’ll be back later today with my weekly food post… see you then!