Good morning!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Mine consisted of hanging out with my home friends and brother at The Precinct on Friday night, sleeping in and spending the afternoon at Winthrop Beach with Monique on Saturday, and Tim and I checked out SOWA Open Market yesterday downtown.  It was nice to have a weekend without any real set plans, but it definitely went by too quickly.  That’s okay though since today marks the start of birthday week! 

Despite it being birthday week, I’m still determined to get some good workouts in and start my week off on the right track.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week I had five solid workout days in a row.  Here’s how they looked…

Ran two miles outside and then did Monique’s mini circuit workout at home

Ran three miles with Tim and then did core work in our living room

Took Liz’s Kickboxing class, then taught my Circuit class with a pyramid strength workout.  It was Ali’s last class before heading off to college (we’re all jealous).  I put together this good-bye playlist in honor of her “last” class.

Ali's Goodbye Playlist

Back for another free CrossFit series with CrossFit Together on the roof of City Sports in Legacy Place.  Our workout was tough, but I loved all the familiar faces that joined me for the fun!


Cross Fit

CrossFit Together at City Sports

Taught my 6am class – it was partner based kind of, and pretty random!  I was originally going to teach it as an outdoor class, but it didn’t seem like many were into it so I had to adapt it to an indoor workout on the spot.  I still think it was pretty tough!



This Week’s Workouts

Here’s the plan:

  • Sunday:  2 mile outdoor run + core strength workout (crunches and v-sits galore)
  • Monday:  Lower body strength workout with cardio mixed in
  • Tuesday:  Upper body strength workout in the morning since I’m skipping Two A Day for the Red Sox game.  Y people, Aloisia will be subbing my class!
  • Wednesday:  Last free CrossFit rooftop series at Legacy
  • Thursday:  Teaching my 6am — requests for class format?
  • Friday:  Maybe an early morning workout, but I have the day off so we shall see
  • Saturday:  Birthday gift of rest!

What’s on your workout agenda this week?  Have you tried anything new lately?  Instructors – have you ever had to change up your original plan for a class at the last minute?

Have a great day, all!