Monday motivation time!

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week I only did four days of workouts instead of my usual five or six.  I’m okay with it because I was able to get walks in on a couple of the other days, and every one of my four workouts left me feeling sore this week.  So I’m thinking quality over quantity, right?  I would rather have four stellar workout days than five or six meh ones.

Here’s the rundown:

Active rest — walked around Rockport!


During the workday I went for a 30 minute walk with Sarah.  After work I was craving some cardio time, but I just did not feel like being on a machine at the gym.  After a little chat with Monique (because I know she’ll urge me to do something instead of telling me it’s ok to skip out), I ended up doing 25 minutes of random kickboxing (non-CBC style) in my dining room, followed by a 20 minute cardio and core circuit I quickly threw together.

Cardio & Core

For the circuit I did each cardio blast for 45 seconds, followed by the core strength exercise for 60 seconds.  By the time I finished both parts of the workout in my sweltering dining room, I looked like this.

post workout

No joke, this is seriously how Tim found me when he got home from work.

BLAST FROM THE PAST:  Does anyone remember my “go to” kickboxing routine from my Thursday am class years ago?  I know at least Ashley will.  That’s what I did on Monday.  I need to bring that back.

Taught outdoor bootcamp with a 5-4-3-2-1 style class (did more instructing than doing), then taught Interval Training with a supersets workout (did equal instructing as doing).  For each superset I had the first move be a compound exercise, and the second an exercise that challenged stability in some way (ie pushup with leg up, cross knee plank, etc).

Outdoor Bootcamp

Active rest – 1.5 mile walk at lunch with Sheila and Patrice

Taught my 6am class with another superset workout.  Used the same format as Tuesday, just switched up the moves.  I also did a 30 minute walking meeting with Julia.

Went to a 6am class at The Studio Empower with Jen.  Holy leg burn!

The Studio Empower

Saturday is the reason I only did 4 instead of 5 workout days last week.  I woke up knowing that I wanted to work out, and mentally I needed to.  But I didn’t feel like going to the gym, and my foot was flaring a bit which negated a run.  I decided I was craving yoga and was set on going to a Prana 2 Music class.  I drove all the way there only to have not one, but two meters eat all my quarters.  Then I had to scramble for change so I wouldn’t get a ticket while in class.  At this point I was running late (which is a huge anxiety/stress trigger for me – not the best way to start a yoga class), and I saw the instructor at the door waving all the late folks down and saying she was about to lock the door and start class.  The others were all in front of me and did start running, as did I, but the difference is that I tripped and fell on the cement.  And had my water bottle spill ALL OVER ME.  Literally the entire thing all over me and I was soaked.  So I started crying, turned around, and drove home like a big loser.  Then I felt like I really needed the workout for mental reasons, but it just didn’t happen.

By the way, that Prana instructor just turned around and locked the door.  Not good for business.  Also, I should stop tripping since it’s happened twice in the past month!?  So graceful.

Next Week’s Workouts

Not going to dwell, this week is a new week!  Here’s my plan:

  • Sunday:  Outdoor run + abs
  • Monday:  Maybe I’ll actually go to yoga?!
  • Tuesday:  Teaching outdoor bootcamp again + teaching Interval at 7:30pm
  • Wednesday:  Active rest
  • Thursday:  Teaching 6am Interval
  • Friday:  Going to try to get to Studio Empower for 6am class again, otherwise something in the afternoon
  • Saturday:  Morning workout TBD

FYI if you are interested in trying something new this month, Tuesdays in June are “Try It Tuesdays” at any of the 13 Greater Boston YMCA locations.  Members are allowed and encouraged to bring friends as FREE guests on Tuesdays.  If the friend joins the Y they can pay a $0 joining fee, and if they remain a member for 90 days the referring member gets a free month of membership.  If you are a local reader interested in trying my Tuesday night class, come on by!

Has anyone had a day that you really needed a workout for your own sanity, but it just wasn’t going to happen?  Do you shoot for quality or quantity?

Get after it this week, you guys!