Hello!  Monday again, but I finally feel like I’m out of the funk that was last week.  Having a free weekend to relax and catch up definitely helped with that.  Friday night Tim and I went out to dinner at Grappa, a little hidden Italian gem in the neighborhood.  We had an Amazon Local deal to use, and we didn’t want it to expire.  Saturday I went to Monique’s Kickboxing class, then parked myself at Athan’s Bakery for a couple of hours to do my Wellcoaches homework, then did a little shopping for myself.  With the weight I’ve lost over the past year, I have ZERO pairs of pants that fit me without feeling/looking really frumpy in them.  I ended up buying six pairs of pants from Express for $200 total – four pairs of dress pants for 40% off each, 2 pairs of jeans that were buy one get one 50% off, and two different coupons.  Finally!  Saturday night we headed to Joe and Cate’s house to make Joe a 30th birthday dinner and hung out there for the night.  And Sunday was another day of randomness — car cleaning, blog writing, grocery shopping, and just hanging out.  I just mentally feel in a better place than I did last week.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

I was psyched to actually TAKE two group exercise classes last week!  As an instructor with a busy schedule, I find that sometimes it’s tough to take as many other classes as I’d like.  Aside from Liz’s on Tuesdays, I haven’t been making it to many other classes recently.  This week I made it to two though!

Rest day

Did a 30 minute at home no equipment workout.

30 minute at home workout

15 minutes of steady state on the elliptical, then taught supersets in my class.  Unfortunately I missed Kickboxing – sad!

Rest day

Took Lauren’s Burn & Build class!  She used a format where we did 60 seconds of each move (I think about 20 moves), then took a quick break, then worked all the way back down with 60 seconds of each move again, pyramid style.  I left sweaty and happy – it was just what I needed after sitting for what seemed like longer than usual this week.


Came home from work and ran a 5k outside, then did the core strength pyramid that I posted yesterday, twice through.

core strength pyramid

Took Monique’s Kickboxing class at the Y.  Loved the format and routines in this one!

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Upper body strength workout
  • Monday:  Trying to make it to Lauren’s 6am spin class, if I don’t then TBD at night
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day
  • Wednesday:  Going to attempt a morning run before work so that I definitely get my 5 days in before the weekend.
  • Thursday: Teaching my 6am class
  • Friday:  Girlfriends!  Will someone please workout with me in Maine during No Carb Left Behind Weekend?  Meh.  Hence why I am trying to get the run in on Wednesday morning.
  • Saturday:  Rest day

Are you someone who prefers your own workouts, taking classes, or a nice mix of both?

Time to tackle the week ahead!