Hey guys, hope everyone’s getting through their Monday!

Just wanted to recap last week’s workouts and share this week’s workout plan, if any of you find inspiration in me doing so.  🙂

Last Week’s Workouts
Monday:  50 Minute Cycle + Core Workout
Tuesday:  Two A Day, Liz’s Kickboxing then taught Circuit Training.  I didn’t do as much of the class, since it was partner themed and 1) I didn’t have a partner and 2) I was walking around checking form and instructing more than doing.  I’m planning on posting the partner class soon!
Wednesday:  No official workout, but walked all over Boston!  I felt it in my legs the next day.
Thursday:  Taught Circuit Training
Friday:  Taught Spin
Saturday:  Sweaty in Twenty Workout

This Week’s Workout Plan
Sunday:  Off
Monday:  20 Minutes HIIT Cardio + 20 minute Core Strength class
Tuesday:  Two A Day  (hoping this weather clears because I had high hopes for an outdoor class!)
Wednesday:  Off or TBD
Thursday:  Circuit Training
Friday:  Off or TBD
Saturday:  Subbing for Kickboxing at 10am at Oak Square — hope some of you will come?!

What are your workout recaps & plans for the week?!  Share please!